Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Buddy Miles' Santa Cruz Lunch

One day in 1997 Buddy Miles, cane in hand, strolled into my restaurant, Positively Front Street, near the beach in Santa Cruz, CA.
I recognized him and went to the table to notice that he had ordered 4 entree's of peel and eat prawns for himself!
I asked if he'd autograph something for me, as the restaurant had a rock poster theme. He said yes so I ran upstairs to my poster collection and pulled out this huge one of Hendrix. I knew he wasn't a part of The Experience but I was rushed to find something for him to sign.

...and also a Buddy Miles Express handbill

He happily signed the handbill. Then I laid out the Hendrix poster and he hesitated, then signed it alright...right across Jimi's face!
He finished his meal and left. The best part is that he left his cane at the table and never came back for it!

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  1. Hey, I hoisted a pint in Positively Front Street many a time. Nice to know it was in friendly hands.