Monday, January 23, 2012

Jerry's Nan and Pop's house, 87 Harrington Street, San Francisco, CA

For his first five years, Jerry and his older brother Tiff lived with their parents at 121 Amazon Avenue (map) in the Excelsior section of the San Francisco Mission District. 

Jerry and Tiff moved in with Nan and Pop nearby at 87 Harrington Street, a few blocks away from the Amazon Street house.

Jerry's legacy as one of the great pickers in rock and roll and jazz/bluegrass  began with the long hours he spent with Nan and her music.

During eight years of piano lessons, he never learned to sight read music and had impressed no one, including himself, as particularly musically gifted.

So yea, Jerry played here, maybe more than any other venue! 
Jerry and his brother Tiff, 1953

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