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Monday, February 13, 2012

Cotati Cabaret, 85 La Plaza, Cotati, CA

This beautiful classic building has long been the social, political, spiritual and musical center of the North Bay Area.

Ladies Club Hall was organized by 12 members of the Cotati Women’s Improvement Club and was built in April 1910 on La Plaza.(2)

The building served as a town meeting place and community center until 1978 when the women’s club disbanded and moved out in 1978.(2)

Neil Young performed early and late shows here on November 9, 1987.(3)

The Cotati Cabaret closed 1990.(2)

It's currrently home to the synagogue Ner Shalom, or “Light of Peace.”(1)

Jerry performed here
3/8/79 Reconstruction
3/9/79 Reconstruction
4/8/79 Reconstruction
5/23/79 Reconstruction
7/7/88 Early and late Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band

1.)^McNaughton, Marie Thomas, Slice of town's history endures, 2011-03-27,
2.)^A Brief History of Cotati © 2010, Cotati Historical Society

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