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The Generosity, 1981 Union Street, San Francisco, CA

What once was The Generosity, 1981 Union Street, San Francisco, CA

A 3700 square foot free standing Victorian located between Buchanan Street and Charlton Court.

In a recent interview on the Jake Feinberg Show (promoting his new album, "Romancing the Bass"), Tony Saunders has discussed this time period a little bit. The relevant bit starts around 34:35 of the hour long interview. I transcribe some of it here.

"[Garcia] would show up at my Dad and my gigs with Aunt Monk. He was playing little places. He played on Union Street in San Francisco at this place called The Generosity. It was tiny. And he would just show up with his amp in his car, show up, come in and play. He never wanted any money. He just wanted to play. And when you talk about him learning … we played a Stanley Clarke song one night … but the song just went all over the place. And he came up to me and he shook my hand and he said ‘Tony, that was a good one, because I couldn’t just do what I thought that I could do. I couldn’t just play along and every time I went to go, when I felt comfortable, I really liked that. That was a great song.’ And a lot of the songs that they played in Legion of Mary, we played them at first with the Aunt Monk group. And Jerry … he would play them first there, and then he would transpose them over to the groups with my Dad."

When Feinberg asks (@ 35:35) who was in the group, Tony says “At first it was E.W. Wainwright, myself, my Dad and … most of the times Jerry would come sit in and be the guitar player. Another young guitar player, Chris Hayes, who went on to play with Huey Lewis and the News for twenty years.” (As an aside, Tony had earlier said that his first gig with his Dad and Jerry, when he was 18 (ca. 1974) was at the Inn of the Beginning.(1)

At some point, and maybe still, it was called Earthly Goods, a women's apparel store.

Lululemon (, a yoga-inspired athletic apparel store is also located here now, 2012.

Jerry performed here on
2/14/75 Legion Of Mary
5/9/75 Legion Of Mary

1.)^Jerry Garcia's Middle Finger, 2011-11-23, LN jg1975-05-09.aunt-monk.84mins.aud-castelli-motb-0144.107829.flac1644

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