Sunday, May 13, 2012

Richmond Coliseum, 601 East Leigh St., Richmond, VA

Capacity 13,481
1970 during construction

The arena opened August 24, 1971, it cost $24 million.  
Architect: Vincent Kling Associate. The resulting stadium has been described variously as a Big Mac and a space-ship. Architect Vincent Kling of Philadelphia did inject some architectural context by placing a crenellated monitor atop the structure that reflects the historic Blues Armory nearby. Thing is, a later pavilion-like building, on Sixth Street, blocks any visual link to the now-empty armory and breaks the axial alignment of the Coliseum with Sixth Street and buildings to the south.(2)

Inside the sweepingly panoramic Coliseum, the sightlines are excellent (but a forewarning: The rake of upper level seating may trigger vertigo). The finest aspect of the Coliseum’s interior is the 360 degree concourse which is marked by ageless, red brick Roman arches which recall both the Roman Colosseum and the Baths of Caracalla.
October 20, 1971 (two months after the Ricchmond Coliseum opened)

Elvis March 18, 1974, Richmond Coliseum (see Ron Tutt on drums)

It has been a regular stop for professional wrestling promotions through the years, including the old NWA Mid-Atlantic territory, and more recently, World Wrestling Entertainment.
Expanded in 1993 for $2.8 million with 2,500 additional seats and two luxury suites.
Remodeled in 2003 through $7.1 million bond issue that included everything from new scoreboard, sound system and stage to improved concourse, re-covered seats, new luxury boxes and refurbished restrooms.
In an age of state-of-the-art arenas, the 41-year-old Richmond Coliseum is woefully underwhelming.
Until John Paul Jones Arena opened in 2006, the Richmond Coliseum was the largest sports arena in Virginia.
The facility has become a victim of its age as others have passed it by.(1)

Jerry performed here on
10/8/83 Grateful Dead
10/6/84 Grateful Dead
11/1/85 Grateful Dead
11/2/85 Grateful Dead
11/18/93 JGB

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