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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Frenchy's, 29097 Mission Blvd., Hayward, CA

Frenchy's dated back to at least 1962.(3)
It "was an oddity, the hippest club in an unhip area."

On May 21, 1966, The Mothers backed Neil Diamond here!

Jerry performed here on
6/18/65 Warlocks (Phil Lesh's first gig)
and three other unknown dates in 1965
"Phil Lesh says, "My first gig was across the bay in Hayward. We had an oral deal for two or three nights, and the first night was my first night in the band.There was nobody there-I guess the guy had expected us to draw automatically or something.
We took all our equipment home with us that night because they wouldn't guarantee security for it, and when we came back the next night there was a saxaphone, accordian, and guitar trio playing. Either we were so bad-which was possible-or the club owner was just desperate, but we had to be replaced."(1)(2)
Phil's first show was at Frenchy's, in Hayward, on June 18, 1965. The band was not invited back.(1)

9/3/79 Reconstruction
"The Grateful Dead played Madison Square Garden from September 4-6, so it's unlikely Garcia was in town. This may have been a show with Jerry Miller. Incidentally, Frenchy's was the very same venue from which the Warlocks were hired for a three day booking and then fired, reputedly on June 18, 1965. A Monday night at Frenchy's would be a good place for the band to try out its "new look" without Garcia. The show was subtitled "Merl Saunders And Friends," I think as an indicator of fans as to what to expect."(4)

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  1. As an aside, Frenchy's was the place where Frank Zappa and the Mothers fell foul of the Local 570 AFofM Union for playing two weeks (immediately prior to their run at the Fillmore) without paying their $28.48 Union dues. Ross

  2. "On May 21, 1966, The Mothers backed Neil Diamond here, without Frank Zappa!"

    Is this what you are talking about or did Zappa appear on another date?

    1. Our band Rebels had a few nights at Frenchys ...I remember we stayed there at motel behind Frenchys..Neil Diamond followed us..Up and coming bands would sign their names on the wall behind the stage..Mike Barriatua