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Winterland, Post and Steiner, San Francisco, CA

Capacity 8000
Originally named the National Theater upon completion in 1907, it was owned by Sid Grauman. He sold the National Theater to Paramount before moving to Los Angeles to build, among other things, Grauman's Chinese Theater.[7]
Sports, in particular boxing, were always subjects of keen interest to Edward J. Lynch, and he erected the old Dreamland Auditorium in San Francisco, and continued to operate it until the new Dreamland was constructed, and he became president of Dreamland Auditorium, Incorporated, the operating company.

1912 at the old Dreamland
After some legal difficulties in New York with Oscar Hammerstein that blocked her from performing, Tetrazzini held a press conference and declared, "I will sing in San Francisco if I have to sing there in the streets, for I know the streets of San Francisco are free." This line became famous. She won her legal case, and her agent announced she would sing in the streets of San Francisco. On a crystal clear Christmas Eve in 1910, at the corner of Market and Kearney near Lotta's Fountain, Tetrazzini climbed a stage platform in a sparkling white gown, surrounded by a throng of an estimated two to three-hundred thousand San Franciscans, and serenaded the city she loved.[2] She was 39 years old at the time.  Tetrazzini sang The Last Rose of Summer, and her voice, reverberating off the walls of the office buildings, carried for blocks. "If you closed your eyes," wrote Samuel Dickson, who was there, "you would have thought yourself alone in the world with that beautiful voice.
"I was two blocks away," he wrote years later, "and every note was crystal clear, every word distinct."(8)
Tetrazzini possessed an extraordinary vocal technique that enabled her to surmount any vocal challenge with almost insolent ease. She had complete mastery of runs, trills, staccati and vocal ornaments of all kinds. She also had a brilliant upper register, extending to F above high C. Unlike many other coloratura sopranos, such as Amelita Galli-Curci, Tetrazzini's high notes were not thin and delicate, but full, powerful and ringing. On the debit side of the ledger, her vocal registers were not as well-integrated as those belonging to her direct soprano rival, Nellie Melba

This is from 1915 so it must be the Old Dreamland, a rundown barn.
Jerry Flamm's book "Hometown San Francisco" describes Dreamland in great detail.
Jack Johnson was the world heavyweight boxing champion from 1908 to 1915, the first black to hold that title. When he was champion, he did a lot of training in San Francisco, and in Alameda on the beach. They had championship fights in San Francisco in those days, in clubs. But in 1914, boxing was banned in California. In the 1920's, it was limited to four rounds. Any fight in San Francisco was sort of an exhibition.
They had fights every week at the Oakland Auditorium. And in San Francisco, they held them at the corner of Post and Steiner. "Young Jack" Thompson fought there. He was a black man who became the welterweight champion in 1930.[1]

To Mr. Lynch much credit is due for the erection of the new Dreamland Auditorium, San Francisco's great center of entertainment. His ability as an organizer, as an electrical contractor and builder were qualities which well fitted him for the task of superintending the construction. The list of officers first chosen for the new edifice indicates the men whose efforts and interest brought about this civic feature. These officers are: Edward J. Lynch, president; Isadore Zellerbach, vice president; Andrew F. Mahoney, David Zellerbach, and Philip Ehrlich, directors. Ward & Blohme, architects, designed the building; James L. McLaughlin, of the building firm of James L. McLaughlin Company, was superintendent of construction; and the general contractors were Barrett & Hi1p. The building was constructed with the idea of providing, first of all, for the comfort of the patrons. Spaciousness of aisles, stairs, ramps, rest rooms, corridors and parking concourse are distinguishing features; increased number of ticket windows, of entrances and exits, and other mechanical aides are also notable. One of the most unique improvements is the boxing ring and the main floor, each of which is manipulative by means of hydraulic machinery. The floor may be inclined or leveled by a single switch, and the ring, in the center of the main floor, is in the nature of an elevator. For boxing it is raised four feet above the floor level for the better view of the audience, and between bouts it is lowered to the basement, where the dressing rooms of the boxers are situated, and takes on the participants in the next bout, after which it is again raised into view of the spectators. The ring may also be secured at floor level for other types of entertainment, then being an integral part of the main floor space.(2)
Winterland, opening on June 29, 1928, was originally known as the "New Dreamland Auditorium, costing one million dollars."[6]

It was built in 1928 for the then astronomical cost of $1 million.
Dreamland was at the same location where Winterland was later built.

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Jack Johnson was the world heavyweight boxing champion from 1908 to 1915, the first black to hold that title.
When he was champion, he did a lot of training in San Francisco, and in Alameda on the beach. They had championship fights in San Francisco in those days, in clubs. But in 1914, boxing was banned in California. In the 1920's, it was limited to four rounds. Any fight here was sort of an exhibition.
They had fights every week at the Oakland Auditorium. And in San Francisco, they held them at the corner of Post and Steiner. I watched "Young Jack" Thompson fight there. He was a black man who became the welterweight champion in 1930.(1)
From 1931 to 1936 Lew Savin, a boxer, fought 25 times at Dreamland. Joe Rondon, a light heavyweight, fought there 22 times. From 1931 to 1936 Lew Savin, a boxer, fought 25 times at New Dreamland. Joe Rondon, a light heavyweight, fought there 22 times.[115]
Boxing at Dreamland
Dreamland-roller skating
On February 26, 1931, Paul Robeson gave a concert of Negro spirituals, accompanied by Lawrence Brown, at Dreamland Auditorium, San Francisco. Paul Robeson used his deep baritone voice to promote black spirituals, to share the cultures of other countries and to benefit the social movements of his time.  He sang for peace and justice in 25 languages throughout the United States, Europe, the Soviet Union and the Third World. He rose to prominence in a time when segregation was legal in America and black people were being lynched by white mobs, especially in the South.

On March 8, 1931, Ignacy Paderewski performed Variations and Fugue on a theme by Haendel.
San Jose Mercury News, November 8, 1932
Joe Louis knocked out Donald (Red) Barry in three rounds in 1935.[33]

On May 28, 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge opened and Dreamland had the Industrial and Manufacturers Exposition, showing off new California products.
Wrestling matches were held at New Dreamland from May 11, 1937 to September 27, 1938.[4]
Sometime after 1938, the name was changed to Winterland. In its early years it served as an ice skating rink that could be converted to an entertainment venue. Early acts/shows at Winterland included Shipstad and Johnson's Ice Follies. It also was host to opera, boxing, and tennis.
1941, the balcony is closed off by the scenery.

Winterland (an ice-skating arena and home of the Ice Follies) stood out like a very large, very sore thumb in its rundown San Francisco neighborhood: a great, hulking thing of no particular architectural distinction.
Located at the corner of Post Street and Steiner Street, it was converted to exclusive use as a music venue in 1971 by legendary rock promoter Bill Graham.

Musicians also had their problems with the building. Bob Weir called it an "acoustical snakepit," and his co-conspirators in the Grateful Dead were forever trying to talk Graham into custom-building them a dream venue to the band's exacting specifications. That wish unfulfilled, the Dead exacted their own sonic revenge on Winterland, helping prematurely with the building's demolition during its later years: sometimes, when things got really loud - and especially when Phil Lesh loosed the low-frequency thunder of his mighty bass - chunks of plaster would break free from the ceiling and rain down to the floor (or the heads of patrons) below.
Winterland stood out like a very large, very sore thumb in its rundown San Francisco neighborhood: a great, hulking thing of no particular architectural distinction.
The owner of the 37675 square foot  building and property was United Artist Theater Circuit Inc. which bought it in 1955 and leased it to Bill Graham in 1966.
Located at the corner of Post Street and Steiner Street, it was converted to exclusive use as a music venue in 1966 by legendary rock promoter Bill Graham.
September 23, 1966 was the first rock concert at Winterland. Jefferson Airplane, Butterfield Blues Band and Muddy Waters performed.
"Bill Graham used to relate about the time he cautioned Jim Morrison about twirling his microphone around only to be cracked in the head by it when Morrison got a little carried away? Bill Graham must have just exploded,  just freaked out when that happened to him! No love lost there! That scene is in the bio-pic movie "The Doors" with Bill Graham doing a cameo appearance as "the promoter" and getting cracked by that microphone!"[80]
"Winterland's legal capacity was 5,400 but I remember a CSNY show which was a reschedule of canceled concerts where all 5,400 tickets from the canceled show was honored as well as the 5,400 ticket that were sold to the rescheduled show...unbearable! When The Rolling Stones were set to play there in 1972 they actually had a clause written into their contract that limited sales to 4,500 tickets and that the upper balcony had to be empty. It was the least crowded and most comfortable sold out show I ever saw at Winterland!"[75]
Ken Kesey had been working with rock-promoter Bill Graham to host his graduation ceremony at the Winterland Arena. The Grateful Dead would be the headliners, with support from a group of former Stanford University students called the Anonymous Artists of America.
But Graham was worried about Kesey’s increasingly erratic behavior. When rumors circulated that Kesey planned to put LSD in the water supply of Winterland, or maybe coat every surface of the arena with the drug so that people attending the California Democratic Convention, scheduled for the following day, would all get dosed, Graham pulled the plug on the event.[3]
Scenes from the film Petunia were filmed here with George C. Scott in 1968.
Musicians also had their problems with the building. Bob Weir called it an "acoustical snakepit," and his co-conspirators in the Grateful Dead were forever trying to talk Graham into custom-building them a dream venue to the band's exacting specifications. That wish unfulfilled, the Dead exacted their own sonic revenge on Winterland, helping prematurely with the building's demolition during its later years: sometimes, when things got really loud - and especially when Phil Lesh loosed the low-frequency thunder of his mighty bass - chunks of plaster would break free from the ceiling and rain down to the floor (or the heads of patrons) below.
In 1978 it was purchased by Consolidated Capitol Inc.
The building was demolished in 1985 and replaced with apartments. Its original back entrance door for musicians is currently up for sale on Wolfgang's Vault for $1,000,000.

On November 30, 1976, The Band played their last concert, known as The Last Waltz.
After the Grateful Dead closed the building in 1978 with a wild New Year's Eve party, Winterland was put to rest.

Jerry performed here on
10/7/66 Grateful Dead
Cold Rain And Snow;Don't Ease Me In;Cream Puff War;Good Morning Little Schoolgirl;Stealin', Walkin' Blues
Opened for Butterfield Blues band and Jefferson Airplane.
"A Vietnam Veteran nicknamed Joe Tripps actually lived in Winterland, in a box at the side of the stage. He slept during the shows, and would come out afterwards, as Greensleeves played on the P.A., to help clean up."[84]

10/8/66 Grateful Dead
Opened for Butterfield Blues Band and Jefferson Airplane.
"Part of the charm of Winterland , especially early on, Barsotti notes, "is that so many people would go there without really knowing who was playing there. "It's Saturday night, let's go to Winterland and see who's there."[86]
The Grateful Dead also performed at Mt. Tamalpais Amphitheater earlier in the day.

3/3/67 Grateful Dead
The First Annual Love Circus
Moby Grape, Loading Zone, Blue Crumb Truck factory opened.

3/17/67 Grateful Dead
I:Cold Rain And Snow;Hi-Heel Sneakers;Pain In My Heart;Beat It On Down The Line;Cream Puff War;Same Thing ;He Was A Friend Of Mine;Dancin' In The Street
II:Smokestack Lightning>King Bee;Midnight Hour
Chuck Berry headlined. Johnny Talbot And De Thangs opened.

3/18/67 Grateful Dead
Chuck Berry headlined. Johnny Talbot And De Thangs opened.

3/19/67 Grateful Dead
Chuck Berry, Johnny Talbot opened.

3/3/67 Grateful Dead
Moby Grape, Loading Zone, Blue Crumb Truck Factory opened.
The First Annual Love Circus.
Promoter The Love Conspiracy Commune

3/17/67 Grateful Dead
I:Cold Rain And Snow;Hi-Heel Sneakers;Pain In My Heart;Beat It On Down The Line;Cream Puff War;Same Thing ;He Was A Friend Of Mine;Dancin' In The Street
II:Smokestack Lightning>King Bee;Midnight Hour
Chuck Berry, Johnny Talbot & De Thangs opened.

3/18/67 Grateful Dead
I:Me And My Uncle;Next Time You See Me;He Was A Friend Of Mine; Smokestack Lightnin';Morning Dew;It Hurts Me Too;Beat It On Down The Line;Dancin' In The Streets
II:Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion;Cream Puff War;Same Thing; Cold Rain And Snow;Viola Lee Blues;Death Don't Have No Mercy
Chuck Berry, Johnny Talbot & De Thangs opened.

5/30/67 Grateful Dead
Benefit for Haight Ashbury Legal Organization
Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Quicksilver Messenger Service and The Charlatans also performed.
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
The Charlatans, originally scheduled as opening act, finally did not play the show because their pianist Mike Ferguson was late and an angry Bill Graham fired them![36]

"Phil Spector described the total assault of seeing/hearing the Grateful Dead at San Francisco's Winterland as "unbelievable," and suggested that all visitors to America be driven directly from the airport to the nearest total environment rock ballroom."(11)

10/22/67 Grateful Dead
Morning Dew ;New Potato Caboose;It Hurts Me Too;Cold Rain And Snow;Turn On Your Lovelight ;Beat It On Down The Line ;Cryptical Envelopment>The Other One>Cryptical Envelopment
Marijuana Defense Fund Benefit.[119]
Quicksilver Messenger Service, Big Brother And The Holding Company also performed.
First performance of The Other One and Cryptical Envelopment.

10/31/67 Grateful Dead
Quicksilver Messenger Service, Big Brother And The Holding Company also performed.
Jerry plays a vibraslap during Alligator.[131]

11/12/67 Grateful Dead
Benefit For The Bands

4/3/68 Grateful Dead
Cryptical Envelopment>The Other One>Cryptical Envelopment>New Potato Caboose>Born Cross-Eyed,Alligator>Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)
KMPX 1st Birthday Benefit (Super Ball)
Electric Flag, Youngbloods, Moby Grape, Mother Earth, It's A Beautiful Day also performed.
"My first show at 15 (Winterland 1968)… We really had no idea who the Dead were other than a name. The Vanilla Fudge were at the Fillmore and we were unable to get tickets. We had an extra ticket for the Dead as one of our partners caught the flu. As we circled Winterland to park we saw the line was well around the hall. My buddy and I were about to head home rather than wait in the massive line. I said park it I got an idea. So he did and I kept the idea to myself, as to avoid his disruption of its execution. We stood near the corner entrance and I began to look around. Finding a man panhandling I asked in a rather load voice are you trying to get enough for a ticket. The man responded in equal pitch no man for food I need money to eat. I responded I can’t help you with that but if you need a ticket I have a free one for you. He said FREE! I said yes and you can sit where you want enjoy. He left the area telling many what had just happened. I turned and asked the people in line if we could cut in. They confirmed we gave the man a free ticket and with that allowed us to cut in just around the corner from the door. This was my first concert of any kind, what a great show…"[17]

12/31/68 Grateful Dead
In The Midnight Hour,Dark Star>Saint Stephen>The Eleven>Turn On Your Lovelight
Quicksilver Messenger Service, It's A Beautiful Day, and Santana opened.
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
Jerry wears a poncho and plays a Guild Starfire with U.S. flag sticker.
"I was only 17, not on any drugs that I remember, maybe alcohol and 'whites' as they were called at the time but no psychedelics. At midnight 2 white stallion horses came from opposite corners of Winterland and there was a man on each horse in diapers throwing daisy's from a basket. I remember having to get out of the way of the horse as it came but reached up at the last minute to get a daisy and was so careful to stash it in my back pocket. I was blown away, could not believe what happened. When I woke up the next morning the first thing I did was go to get that daisy from my pocket to prove my astonishing story to all, and it was not there. Nobody ever believed me over the years whenever I recanted the story, nobody. Some going as far as to tell me I had experienced a 'mass hallucination'! I remember hearing tell of a breakfast and scrambled eggs being served but no other details there. I don't recall Hot Tuna being there or playing at all. I do remember Bill Graham on stage in a diaper and maybe Father Time."[18]

"Bill Graham and another person came riding in on white horses from stage right and stage left. I recall Bill Graham riding right up onto the stage. Everyone was so blown away by that."[19]

"At approximately 4am, sitting in the way back, in the second to last row, the second set rumbles slowly to life, and out of the gate Viola Lee Blues - musta been 30-40 minutes of building, and settling, crescendo, waves of sound, cresendo - i will always cherish the bus stopping for me."[100]

3/17/69 Grateful Dead
Benefit for The Chosen Family at Olompali
Jefferson Airplane, Sons Of Champlin, Garden Of Delights and Red Mountain opened.
"A "Superjam" dance and concert will be thrown at Winterland this Monday, St. Patrick's Nite, to benefit the Chosen Family that was busted and burned out at Rancho Olompali in Novato.
Featured will be musicians from the leading Bay Area rock groups, according to Bob McKendrick from Olompali, the Airplane, the Dead, and Sons of Champlin are expected to show up; also jamming will be the Garden of Delights, and a blues-rock group new to San Francisco, Red Mountain. Glen McKay's Headlights will provide enlightenment for all. The Superjam is for a good cause . . . something like 18 to 20 people from Olompali haven't the bread to pay their attorney's fees, and they are all homeless, as Burdell Mansion on Olompall burned down after the bust.
The Benefit is being sponsored by the Deja Vu Foundation, Inc., in association with Crinkle Productions, and will happen at Winterland, Post and Sterner Streets in The City. That's Monday, March 17th, from 8:30 pm till 1 am; donation asked at the door will be $3.00 . . .for some beautiful people."[82]

5/2/69 Grateful Dead
Mongo Santamaria, Jefferson Airplane opened.
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
"Bill Graham, who had been dancing while Mongo Santamaria played, was back onstage grooving to the Dead. Marty Balin and Grace Slick came out behind the curtains and sat down in back of the band in the empty row of chairs.
The Dead did their encore and it was already 2am. Bill Graham went to the microphone and said, "It's 2am and the law says we must close. You are all now at a private party.." And he locked the doors.
So the Airplane came on after the Dead's set and their encore. And they did it. They really did it. I mean they played!
 When it was all over at 4am, a young man said to me, with tears-literally-in his eyes, "Why can't it be like this everywhere?" I looked at him and said I wished I knew the answer.
Why not? Why not? Why not indeed?"[87]

5/3/69 Grateful Dead (afternoon performance)
I:He Was A Friend Of Mine;Cryptical Envelopment>Drums>The Other One>Cryptical Envelopment>Doin That Rag;Me And My Uncle
II:Dupree's Diamond Blues;Sittin On Top Of The World;Dark Star>St. Stephen>The Eleven>Turn On Your Love Light;Encore:It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Mongo Santamaria, Jefferson Airplane opened.
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
"Before Bill Graham's intro, "San Francisco's own Seven Samurai, the Grateful Dead", a group of deadheads can be heard singing off mic: "Come all ye faithful / Joyful and triumphant, / Come ye, O come ye / To Wi-in-ter-land."[6]

"Bill Graham brought out Mongo Santa Maria to open for the Dead and the Airplane- who all played way past 2 am- so Bill called it a private party and had the doors locked-(he never pulled the plug) this is before Santana- the Conga's and Horn Section Mongo had lit up the room- Betty Cantor and the SBD staff were all on the floor dancing which is why there is no real soundboard tape of this show...the Airplane took the stage for a late set at 3 am- the Dead finishing their 3rd encore at 2:30."[96]

The Grateful Dead also performed an afternoon concert at Sierra College, Rocklin, CA on this date. (See Sierra College, Rocklin, CA)

5/28/69 Grateful Dead
Smokestack Lightnin;That's It For The Other One>Turn On Your Love Light
People's Park Bail Ball[104]
Jefferson Airplane, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Santana, Elvin Bishop Group, Aum, Bangor Flying Circus also performed.
"I remember a Grateful Dead set about 1969 at Winterland, they played 3 awful songs and then announced things are not cool tonight and quit. Funny thing was, nobody was upset. The sentiment was that Oswley [sp] must have brewed a bad batch of acid."[134]

10/24/69 Grateful Dead
Casey Jones;Dire Wolf>High Time;Easy Wind;China Cat Sunflower>Jam>I Know You Rider;The Other One>Cryptical Envelopment>Jam>Cosmic Charlie
Opened for Jefferson Airplane. Sons Of Champlin also performed.
The order of performances was "Doug Kershaw, Sons of Champlin, Jefferson Airplane (one set), Grateful Dead.[7]
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
"Jerry plays a late 1950's-early 1960's Sunburst Strat guitar."[62]

10/25/69 Grateful Dead
High Time;Dark Star>St. Stephen>The Eleven>Turn On Your Love Light
The order of performances was "Doug Kershaw, Sons of Champlin and Jefferson Airplane.[7]
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
"Responding to the applause after Turn On Your Love Light Bill Graham says: "We may be a little prejudiced but let's get one thing said -- on any given night, the very greatest rock and roll band in the world, The Grateful Dead." He goes on to introduce Stephen Stills, who plays on Turn On Your Love Light."[40]

10/26/69 Grateful Dead opened
Jam;Hard To Handle;Cold Rain And Snow;Me And My Uncle;Next Time You See Me;Dire Wolf;Casey Jones;Easy Wind
Jefferson Airplane also performs.
Jerry dedicates Dire Wolf to the Zodiac killer and "paranoid fantasies everywhere".[5]

4/15/70 Grateful Dead
Cold Rain And Snow;Mama Tried;False Start;Mama Tried;It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World;Candyman;Hard To Handle;Cumberland Blues;Cryptical Envelopment>Drums>Jam>Drums>The Other One>Cryptical Envelopment>Dire Wolf;Dancing In The Street;Turn On Your Lovelight>Not Fade Away>Turn On Your Lovelight
Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service also performed.
Promoter Bill Graham.
Bill Graham Intro of Good Morning Little Schoolgirl: "If the Dead End Kids were alive today, they would be called The Grateful Dead.
Jerry plays the guitar Alligator.[122]
"It had a high curved ceiling, a small seven row lower balcony that rimmed the main dance floor that all the way behind the stage. There ere a couple of rows of seats right under the balcony and a much deeper back balcony. To get up to the balcony you had to go up these big switchbacking concrete ramps."[85]

10/4/70 New Riders Of The Purple Sage and Grateful Dead opened.
Truckin';Till The Morning Comes;Brokedown Palace;Next Time You See Me;Cold Rain And Snow;China Cat Sunflower>Jam>I Know You Rider;Drums>Good Lovin'>Drums>Good Lovin';Sugar Magnolia;Casey Jones;Uncle John's Band
Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Hot Tuna also performed.
Jerry plays a '62 Gibson Les Paul SG guitar.[83]
FM Quadrophonic Broadcast KQED and KSAN, TV Broadcast KQED
Jerry's Mom died one week before this and Janis Joplin died on this night.

Keith and Donna Godchaux were in the audience.

"I remember it well. The Dead played first if I recall, much to my disappointment. We were leaning against the stage looking toward the audience talking in between The Dead and The Airplane I think when we saw this big white light getting brighter and brighter. We thought were were tripping until we turned around and here is this KQED announcer coming towards us with a cameraman in tow with a big light on top of the camera. He started asking us questions in that kind of smooth FM kind of voice. Who are you here to see? etc. etc. Where are you from? Kind of surreal. My sister still remembers to this day seeing us on the broadcast. All we remember was people trying to confirm or deny the news about Janis. So sad! Still a good show."[30]

"Many people think that this was Marty Balin's final show with the Jefferson Airplane. However this is not true. Although he did sit out the next night's show (due to the news of Janis' death), he was still in the band thru the rest of 1970."[31]

"The Airplane were mediocre that night, with Marty Balin singing out "I need a new band" after the set, and Quicksilver played with horns! No one around me that night had any idea Janis Joplin had died."[69]

"I was on the video portion done by KQED for a minute when they turned those camera lights on and I was dancing up a storm."[68]

"I remember this concert very well. There were two of the infamous garbage cans full of electric kool-aid that came out when the Dead began to play. I drank six dixie cups and that was all she wrote...
I'd left home for the first time for college and drove in from Stockton to see the Dead with new friends. Four of us in a black 63 beetle with no back seat.
The acid didn't take long to hit, and with the KQED tv cameras pointing at the audience with the lights up, it felt like the world was watching me freak out - which I did.
It was the only time a hallucinogen got the better of me. I sat in the Bug on Geary Blvd outside of Winterland for two hours, realizing that life was going to be many years of pain, so why not end it right now, and shorten the process.
I didn't and never thought about suicide again.
I remember watching the poor souls come straggling out, huddling, clutching each other, in twos and threes, tripping their way into the San Francisco night. There must have been a couple hundred people who left before the end of the last set."[70]

10/5/70 New Riders Of The Purple Sage and Grateful Dead
Casey Jones;Good Lovin';Dancing In The Street;Turn On Your Lovelight
Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna and Quicksilver Messenger Service opened.
"It’s been said that the Dead didn’t know yet during the 10/4 show that Janis Joplin had died (although McNally says they were told before the set) – it’s a very exuberant show. The next day, though, her death must have been on people’s minds, and I think it’s reflected in the Dancing in the Streets. It’s a rather subdued version, and Garcia’s playing is quite pinched and lyrical, almost in a Bird Song vein – as he solos, it’s almost like his own little funeral elegy for Janis."[67]

12/23/70 New Riders Of The Purple Sage and Grateful Dead
Deep Elem Blues;Beat It On Down The Line;I’m A King Bee;Me And My Uncle; Cumberland Blues
Encore:Brokedown Palace
Benefit for the Montessori School and Stanley "Bear" Owsley
Hot Tuna and Lizard opened.
"They were advertised as playing acoustically but came out with their electric instruments and open with a song that they had to the best of my knowledge always played acoustically."[41]

"At the end, Phil says: "Good night, folks. Merry Christmas and God bless you!" And Jerry adds: "Thank you for helping us bail out the Bear!"[66]

12/31/70 New Riders Of The Purple Sage and Grateful Dead
Truckin';Monkey And The Engineer;Cold Rain And Snow;Easy Wind;Big Railroad Blues;Cumberland Blues;Dire Wolf;Cryptical Envelopment>Drums>The Other One>Black Peter;Sugar Magnolia;China Cat Sunflower>Jam>I Know You Rider;Good Lovin'>Uncle John's Band
The Crosby Nash Band opened. New Riders without a sick Garcia but plus Jack Casady and Jorma Kaukonen were next. Then Hot Tuna, a Grateful Dead set, and Stoneground closed.
KSAN broadcast.[107]
"I arrived at Winterland late either before or during the Riders' set. Went right up to the box office and bought a ticket. No line."[130]

"The show was billed as Stoneground, New Riders of the Purple Sage and Grateful Dead and "friends". Instead of Stoneground getting things started, David Crosby and Graham Nash started with their band. After them, New Riders of the Purple Sage came on but Jerry Garcia wasn't feeling well so he did not play with them. In his place Jack Cassidy and Jorma Kaukonen from Hot Tuna (and formerly Jefferson Airplane) joined the New Riders. After that set, the rest of Hot Tuna came on stage and played a set. After they finished it was close to midnight so the Dead came on and played. Finally at 2:30 AM, the warm up band - Stoneground - finally came on stage. After that set, the jam started."[25]
"After the end of the Dead's set, Weir and Hot Tuna came out and played a short jam session. Will Scarlet is said to be the harmonica player."[8] [64]

"The band directed a spotlight to a microphone:
"There's bootleggers among us! Let's find out who these people are - follow the cords from those microphones folks - turn that spotlight out there on that microphone - aha, it's going down - Underground Records, Incorporated - find this one for $10 - you oughta put it in a brown paper bag."[71]

3/3/71 New Riders Of The Purple Sage and Grateful Dead
I:Casey Jones;Hard To Handle;Playing In The Band ;Loser;Me And Bobby McGee;Next Time You See Me ;Beat It On Down The Line;Bertha
II:Me And My Uncle;Truckin'>Drums>The Other One>Wharf Rat;Sugar Magnolia;I'm A King Bee;Greatest Story Ever Told>Johnny B. Goode
Encore:Good Lovin'
 Benefit for Airwaves People's Radio[22] 
"Shades Of Joy (with Martin Fierro); Gestalt Fool Theatre Family, New Generation Singers and American Indian Dancers opened."[3]
Jerry plays a Les Paul Jr. guitar.
Hot Tuna may have also performed.

3/24/71 Grateful Dead
I:Greatest Story Ever Told>Johnny B. Goode;Next Time You See Me;Loser;Truckin>Drums>The Other One;Bertha;Sugar Magnolia;I'm A King Bee;Beat It On Down The Line
II:Casey Jones;Hard To Handle;Playing In The Band ;Not Fade Away>Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad>Not Fade Away
Encore:Uncle John's Band
Sufi Benefit[22]
"Jerry plays a Les Paul neck on a handmade body. I'll take a guess that it was an early effort from the Alembic guys, because the raised pickguard appears to be made of hand-cast metal, and they were into that."[63]

It was a weird custom built Rick Turner job that he only played for a couple of months. "Jerry saw a guitar one day in our shop, and he liked it, so I sold it to him. I have no idea what happened to that guitar, although I would like to track it down… It could be in a roadie's closet for all I know. It does represent an evolutionary step both toward Alembic and then the later Turner Model 1 (from his early post-Alembic period), which shares the body shape, except for the addition of the cutaway."[88]

"There were some mighty strange doings at Winterland last night - Yogi Bhajan, Sufi dancers and choir, and members of Kailas Shugendo all mingling and performing on stage.
Plus the good ol' Grateful Dead.
And about 4000 miscellaneous characters - Dead fans, freaks, mystics, religionists, spiritualists, and few semi-straights who apparently came in expecting a typical night with the Grateful Dead in concert.
Of course, in many ways it was a typical Jerry Garcia-Grateful Dead affair, since the strange, incongruous, and sometimes outrageous are all part of the Dead's daily life style.
Garcia's long tenure as our town's purest rock artist has brought him in contact with various religious sects and beliefs. Last night's function was his way of raising some money for such friends, many of whom are neighbors up Novato way where the Grateful Dead's farm is located.
Local members of Kailas Shugendo, a Buddhist sect dressed in oriental-style hiking attire, presented ritual segments, including their fire-walk, and were followed by Yogi Bhajan, dozens (at least) of whose disciples were in the audience, chanting and swaying.
"I get high just listening to him," a mesmerized young lady whispered to me, eyes closed, following the incantations. More than half the huge crowd got deeply into Bhajan's thing.
Then a long set by the Sufis, not looking much like their mystic Moslem spiritual forebears, but nonetheless a dedicated and quite captivating bunch of folk.
The rock-oriented portion of the audience, after a couple of hours of all this, got noisy and restless, clapping in unison and yelping, "we want the Dead."
So out came the Grateful Dead, immediately plunging into electric accompaniment for the Sufi choir (about 25 voices). It was a glorious, wonderful combination."[14]

""The Sufi choir and dancers were kind of cool; they came out first, it was dark with drums and some kind of fire on stage. They had some middle eastern music, and as it was kind of winding down, there was that familiar guitar sneaking in from behind - Jerry kind of hiding in the back. The audience perked up."
The highlight of the Dead's show for him was Hard to Handle: "It was not on any records at that time but we had heard it at a couple of previous concerts and were hoping they would play it. Well, they played it alright. To this day it was my most memorable Grateful Dead experience. It was just such an awesome jam, and loud!""[89]

5/28/71 New Riders Of The Purple Sage and Grateful Dead
Promoter Bill Graham.
This was rescheduled for 5/30/71 due to Jerry being sick.

5/29/71  and Grateful Dead
Casey Jones;Me And Bobby McGee;It Hurts Me Too;The Promised Land;Loser;Playing In The Band;Hard To Handle;Truckin'>Drums>The Other One>Wharf Rat;Sing Me Back Home;Cumberland Blues;Sugar Magnolia>Deal;Not Fade Away>Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad>Not Fade Away
New Riders Of The Purple Sage (Jerry didn't play with them)[127], R.J. Fox, James & The Good Brothers opened.
Promoter Bill Graham.
"The New Riders came out sans Jerry and only played one song, "Honky Tonk Women."[73]
First performance of Promised Land.[110]
"Dead concerts are traditionally pretty stony/trippy affairs. But the real high is the emotional ecstasy that builds up internally for their music.
This aspect is most difficult to write on. How can I really describe why I felt like passing out at the 5/29 concert simply because the Dead were "so beautiful". Perhaps it's sufficient to say that these musicians have the power to transport you away from yourself-away from the concert hall, away from your buddies, from a girl or boyfriend, and into the realm of pure, unadulterated bliss.
It's very hard, for instance, to hold onto someone during a Dead concert; both of you want to feel the psychic force full blast. And you see it externally expressed in almost every face; in joyful eyes, constantly moving bodies, and tears streaming down cheeks."[94]

"We were stoked anyway because it was a benefit show, but it was only two bucks! It seemed hotter than usual in the "pit." It was like they kept the a/c off for the 1st set (on purpose?) It seemed that way, in retrospect, because at the break someone, (I couldn't see who because we were sitting against the stage looking out toward the audience) came to the mic and whispered "there are going to be some refreshments coming around, make sure you just take a sip and pass it on to your neighbor." Some people listened and some didn't (much to their surprise I'm sure). Bill Graham lost his concert license over that concert, not that he had any control over the "punch incident". The Last Unoffical "Acid Test". Good times indeed."[26]

"Infamous for the fact that lots of people had an adverse reaction to the liquid refreshments, which were apparently distributed from a 35-gallon trash container set onto the concert floor during an intermission. 35 people were sent to the hospital "with all of the symptoms of bad trips." [1] The mayhem is described by an eyewitness [2]:
A girl in front of us ... fell down on the floor and started to put things in her mouth. She would pick up tin cans, papers, socks, garbage and anything else that was on the floor. She threw up all over and then tried to take her clothes off. People were freaking out all over the place. It was like people were being shot down. People would fall down and struggle to get to their feet again. One guy fell on about five people and they all fell like dominoes. ... Time actually halted as if we were dead. Jane and I were the only ones standing in a five foot radius while the people around us were squirming on the floor like dying fish."[72]

"When they stopped at 2 AM, things got a little loony, a lot of people fully realizing what had happened to them (or perhaps trying to figure out) as they left the building. Crazy scene outside, for sure."[27]

5/30/71 New Riders Of The Purple Sage and Grateful Dead
I:Bertha;Me And Bobby McGee;The Rub;Loser;Playing In The Band;Next Time You See Me;Morning Dew;The Promised Land;Good Lovin'
II:China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider;Sugar Magnolia; Cumberland Blues;Me And My Uncle;Deal;Truckin'>Turn On Your Lovelight;Uncle John's Band;Casey Jones
Encore:Johnny B. Goode
R.J. Fox; James & The Good Bros. opened.
Promoter Bill Graham.
SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) - Police will try to revoke the permit for Winterland, the city's largest regular rock music hall, because 1,000 persons got stoned on LSD spiked water during a weekend concert, narcotics agents said Monday.
Sgt. Charles Hoenisch said chief Al Nelder will try to lift the permit for concerts at Winterland "and places like it that have been a cause of major police problems."
The water was passed through the audience of 4,500 young people who paid $2 each Saturday night to hear the Grateful Dead, New Riders of the Purple Sage, R.J. Fox and other rock groups.
"There's some water being passed out," someone announced during a band break. "Just take a sip and pass it back so everybody can have some."
Police reported that more than 30 persons were taken to a nearby hospital during a five-hour period with "bad trips." No one was hospitalized.
Promoter Bill Graham said he was unaware of the announcement about the water.
Hoenisch said the incident was still under investigation but "We know there were people involved - one who made the announcement over the microphone, and two others who brought in two 30 gallon plastic garbage cans of spiked water."[12]

Bill Graham then held a press conference - as reported in the June 4, 1971 San Jose Mercury News:
"Rock music impresario Bill Graham angrily denounced Thursday attempts by police to revoke his dance hall license for Winterland, where a psychedelic-spiked beverage sent 30 young people to hospitals for treatment of 'bad trips' Saturday...
On Monday, Police Chief Alfred Nelder said Graham's permit to use the Winterland Hall should be revoked, for failing to protect his patrons at a concert by the Grateful Dead.
'You don't just close down an establishment because once, for the first time in five years and 1,300 concerts, this happens,' Graham told a news conference. 'Just because there's a train accident, you don't take the trains off the tracks.'"
Evidently, Winterland stayed open.
Graham had already made the announcement a month earlier that he was going to close the Fillmores, and Fillmore West only stayed open another month.

As the June 11, 1971 San Francisco Chronicle reported:
"A week ago, stung by a police department threat to remove his permit for operation at Winterland, Graham suggested that he might doggedly prolong the life of the Fillmore West.
Now, he said, in weariness, in frustration, in bitterness, in anger - it's all over...
Ever since the disaster at Winterland two weeks ago, when a number of people drank water laced with what is believed to be LSD, the 41-year-old producer feels that the police have been harassing his audiences.
'I just don't want to fight anymore,' Graham said."[13]

12/31/71 Grateful Dead
Dancing In The Street;Mr. Charlie;Brown Eyed Women ;Beat It On Down The Line;You Win Again;Jack Straw ;Sugaree;El Paso;Chinatown Shuffle;Tennessee Jed;Mexicali Blues;China Cat Sunflower;I Know You Rider;Next Time You See Me;Playing In The Band;Loser ;One More Saturday Night
II:Truckin'>Drums>The Other One Jam>Me And My Uncle>The Other One;Space>Black Peter;Big River;The Same Thing;Ramble On Rose;Sugar Magnolia;Not Fade Away>Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad>Not Fade Away
New Riders Of The Purple Sage, Yogi Phlegm opened[22]
KSAN FM broadcast.
Donna Godchaux's first performance.[111]
First time played for Chinatown Shuffle.
"It was at this show that I saw I guy fall from the balcony and land pretty much unharmed, the right-side balcony as you look at the stage. And there was a dude who stripped down and danced across the stage, acting out playing a guitar (and pretty much in sync), right across in front of the band, from left to right, and then back across again before a behemoth bouncer pushed him off the stage into the crowd, from which he was exited the building. He was on fire. I think Weir or Lesh commented on the incident with a "How about that?" at the end of the tune. This was an archetypal Dead deal....not done until 5 a.m. Yip. Five hours straight, without any real break, of course, if you don't count the 2-5 minutes of tuning that went on at times. Ultimate satisfaction is my fond memory of that night."[29]

"Amusing is Bill Graham's use of "fucking" over KSAN's airwaves while telling Billy to stop warming up before he introduces them for the start of the second set."[79]

"A raucous midnight start - during the opening Dancin' in the Streets jam, the radio announcer mentions that two men "took off their diapers and are running around the stage nude!" Someone (perhaps one of these men) shouts "Happy new year!" and some random shrieks into a mic during the jam. Afterwards, Weir announces that the stage is a mess…."[78]

"I had also helped myself to the Owsley orange barrel supply. One of the only things I remember is Jerry playing his last note. I came back to Earth at that very moment only to realize I was the last one in the arena and only wore my underwear and one sock."[28]

1/2/72 Grateful Dead
I:Truckin';Sugaree;Mr. Charlie;Beat It On Down The Line;Loser;Jack Straw;Chinatown Shuffle;Tennessee Jed;El Paso;You Win Again;Big Railroad Blues;Mexicali Blues;Playing In The Band;Next Time You See Me;Brown Eyed Women;Casey Jones
II:Good Lovin'>China Cat Sunflower>Good Lovin';Ramble On Rose;Sugar Magnolia;Not Fade Away>Going Down The Road Feeling Bad>Not Fade Away
Encore:One More Saturday Night
New Riders Of The Purple Sage, Yogi Phlegm opened[22]
"Bill Graham's intro prior to set one: "If you stop to think how many groups could get any of us out on January 2nd, there would be very few of them. There's only one that would do it for me, and I hope they do it for you -- the Grateful Dead."[34]
Beat It On Down The Line-eleven beats at the start. Before the song Jerry tells the crowd to wait while Bobby changes a string and and "think about how nice the New Year of 1972 is…"[42]

3/5/72  Yogi Phlegm and Grateful Dead
I:Bertha;Black Throated Wind;Mr. Charlie; Sugaree ;Greatest Story Ever Told;Next Time You See Me;Tennessee Jed;Jack Straw;China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider;Mexicali Blues;You Win Again;El Paso;Casey Jones
II:Good Lovin';Not Fade Away>Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad>Not Fade Away
Encore:One More Saturday Night
American Indian Benefit
New Riders Of The Purple Sage, Yogi Phlegm opened[22]
Pigpen's last San Francisco show.[112]
First time played for Black Throated Wind.[112]
"Before China Cat Sunflower: "OK, we are going to pass around this cup of beer, it's what we call the BBKing beer, everyone one takes a sip, or wets your tongue, then pass it back to the stage…"[43]
"This show was the last time Pig ever played in the Bay Area."[44]

10/9/72 Grateful Dead
Roadie Benefit[22]
I:The Promised Land;Deal;Me And My Uncle;Tennessee Jed;Black Throated Wind;Friend Of The Devil;Beat It On Down The Line;Loser;El Paso;Box Of Rain;China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider;Mexicali Blues;Sugaree;Playing In The Band
II:Jam>He's Gone;Big River;Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo;Greatest Story Ever Told;Brokedown Palace;Truckin'>The Other One>Wharf Rat;Sugar Magnolia;Casey Jones
Encore:Johnny B. Goode
New Riders Of The Purple Sage (no Jerry) opened.
Grace Slick's only Grateful Dead sit in.
First performance of Box Of Rain.[124]
""Get That Bitch Off The Stage"…were the exact words Grace Slick uttered directly before Bill Graham gently led her off stage.
The stage was set in the middle of Winterland on the north side -- not in it's usual west side stage setup in the east-west formation aligned with Post Street.
This show, on a silent Monday night, was a benefit for the roadies. After listening to this, I know now it was a fabulous concert. But during the show we were in agreement that they were tired from touring and merely going thru the grateful motions. Wrong!
She showed up after the break very stoned, very alcohol/cocaine stoned. Stoned with a capital stoned.
Her in-your-face and disrespectful "about the band" scat singing performance was actually humorous and engaging because of the fact that she got up and sang with no warmup and let it fly however it lie. For this purpose was this reviewer spared.
After she got thru screaming, Grace blew us a kiss and left the stage -- "Gram" escorting. -- My impression was that the audience could have taken her or left her and if she wanted to get up there and sing, well, boy howdy, we just didn't care. -- The first set had so well primed us we could have settled easily for Topo Gigo, the Italian Mouse. -- If Grace would have showed up dressed in leathers and cracking a whip it wouldn't have mattered because, after a few rounds, Grace would be gone and we could settle back in for the night long. But no, prior to Truckin' Grace gets up there again likes she's grabbing Spencer's drum vocal mike, and, sizing up the situation, while the Grateful Dead tuning don't know what's going on, gives up and strolls off stage before squeaking-out another note.
The Grateful Dead played well with her and without her. It was fun. We all had a great time. I stood in the same place all night long. Though the other members of my party did, I did not eat or drink anything or go to the bathroom.
On the drive home we were in a stoutly critical discussion of how bad the Dead were that night. One of my passengers -- a taciturn young lady who had come along with us for her first Grateful Dead concert -- spoke up, and blurted, "I don't know what all of you are complaining about! That was the best concert I've ever been to in my life!"
Suddenly the only sound present was the sound of the highway's rushing stationwagon and the dimly backed-off music of KSAN-FM. We all turned silent in realization that she had nailed us. Deadheads are the Dead's harshest critics."[76]

"The only known appearance of Grace Slick with the Dead. I went to this show. Grace came out at the start of the second set. The Dead played a short, blues jam to which she added impromptu lyrics - she appeared to be totally ripped. At the end of the tune, she staggered around the stage, rearranging everyone's mic stands until Bill Graham led her off. She reappeared briefly before Truckin and Graham again got her off to the side of the stage where she and he could be seen dancin to Truckin."[77]

11/3/72 Late show Rowan Brothers and New Riders Of The Purple Sage [20][21]
Hot Tuna performed also.

12/10/72 Grateful Dead
I:Cold Rain And Snow;Beat It On Down The Line;Don't Ease Me In;Black Throated Wind;Bird Song;El Paso;Around And Around;Tennessee Jed;Big River;Box Of Rain;Candyman;Bertha;Playing In The Band;Casey Jones
II:The Promised Land;Stella Blue;Jack Straw;China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider; Truckin'>Drums>The Other One;Deal;Sugar Magnolia;Ramble On Rose;Johnny B. Goode
Encore:Uncle John's Band
High Country opened.[22]
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
Jerry may have played the Dan Erlewine Walnut Strat guitar.
The Allman Brothers were scheduled to perform all three shows also but Berry Oakley died on November 11, 1972.

12/11/72 Grateful Dead
I:The Promised Land;Sugaree;Mexicali Blues;Loser;Me And Bobby McGee;Brown Eyed Women;Beat It On Down The Line;China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider;Box Of Rain;He's Gone;Around And Around;Friend Of The Devil;Me And My Uncle;Big Railroad Blues;Playing In The Band
II:Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo ;Dark Star>Stella Blue;Big River;Deal;Tomorrow Is Forever;Sugar Magnolia
Encore:Casey Jones
The Sons Of Champlin opened.[22]
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
Jerry may have played the Dan Erlewine Walnut Strat guitar.
"I still don't know if I trust my memory of this, but here's what I remember: during Around and Around, during the solo, Jerry moves to one side of the stage, Bob to the other. As they build to the big crashing chord, they take off running towards center stage and each other. As they near the middle, they both (Air Jerry!) execute Pete Townshend-style flying leaps . . . WTF!? I am not making this up. I've only heard from one other person who was there. He remembered it differently. In his version, Jerry and Bob do Chuck Berry-style duckwalks across the stage."[15]

"Bobby tells crowd before Big River "Since you ask, Pigpen is convalescing from an illness..we expect him back shortly"[44]

Grateful Dead
I:The Promised Land;Sugaree;Mexicali Blues;Loser;Me And Bobby McGee;Brown Eyed Women;Beat It On Down The Line;China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider;Box Of Rain;He's Gone;Around And Around;Friend Of The Devil;Me And My Uncle;Big Railroad Blues;Playing In The Band
II:Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo ;Dark Star>Stella Blue;Big River;Deal;Tomorrow Is Forever;Sugar Magnolia
Encore:Casey Jones
The Rowan Brothers opened.
Promoter Bill GrahamPresents.
Jerry may have played the Dan Erlewine Walnut Strat guitar.
"One time I saw the Dead at Winterland in the Nudie suits (except Phil) and the Rowan Brothers opened. They had coats with little light bulbs that flashed on and off all over them. When they came out onstage, the stage lights were off and all you'd see was the flashing lights. Most of the people I knew at the time thought it was cheesy (and felt the same thing about the Nudie suits) and I often wondered if the Rowans might have been more successful if they hadn't worn those coats."[81]

12/31/72 Grateful Dead
I:Around And Around;Deal;Mexicali Blues;Brown Eyed Women;Box Of Rain;Jack Straw;Don't Ease Me In;Beat It On Down The Line;Candyman;El Paso;Tennessee Jed;Playing In The Band;Casey Jones
II:The Promised Land;Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo ;Big River;Sugaree;Truckin'>The Other One>Drums>The Other One>Morning Dew;Sugar Magnolia;Sing Me Back Home ;Johnny B. Goode
Encore:Uncle John's Band;One More Saturday Night
New Riders Of The Purple Sage, Sons Of Champlin opened.[22]
KSAN FM broadcast
Jerry wears the Nudie jacket and plays the guitar Alligator. Bob wears one too.
David Crosby sits in on guitar for the fantastic Other One>Morning Dew jam.[113]
"In 1972 I was working with a friend doing painting and remodeling. Around the end of the year we got this job for these rich folks. The housewife was a friendly person named Diana, 16 years my senior and desperately in need of being hip. Over the next few weeks I got very chummy with her and when she asked me how I was celebrating New Years I replied that I was doing the usual--going to see the Grateful Dead at Winterland. She expressed interest and asked if she could tag along. I was certain that the concert was sold out and told her, but she insisted on going along anyway. She volunteered to let us use her station wagon and promised that she would not leave without us if she were not able to get in. I hesitantly and skeptically gave in to her proposal, but at the last minute, I decided we needed a backup plan and convinced one of our group with an ample chunk of Nepalese Temple Balls hashish to drive my car--just in case.
On the 31st we all piled into her car and, with me driving Diana's station wagon and my buddy following us in my car, zoomed over to the city. Diana kept assuring me that she would find a ticket and brought along over $200.00 in cash for a scalper's pleasure.
When we walked up to the building there was no line. I was shocked. This was the first year that Bill Graham had instituted stringent rules for concertgoers to enter the confines. The cops out on the sidewalk were yelling "ticket holders only, this show is all sold out" and they so quickly herded us in that all I could do was reach back and give Diana her car keys and yell at her "Meet us back here at around 3:00 am!" She screamed back at me, "Don't worry, I'll get in somehow!" Seconds later we ticket holders were sucked inside.
Once inside, I huddled everybody in our party and we all agreed we were going to go out onto the floor, forty feet from stage, dead center. I let them go and turned back to see how Diana was doing. I stood just inside the doors looking out the windows toward the sidewalk. The cops kept telling me I couldn't stand there, but I just kept stalling them.
I felt somewhat responsible for Diana, but there wasn't anything I could do except walk out of Winterland to be with her, but no way was I going to give up my position. Good thing I gave into my selfish desires for, once out, I might not have been able to get back in. I stood there trying to hide my immensity, watching in futility. Time sledged by as if I was on a TV game show being asked the 64,000-dollar question.
Just then Bill Graham walked up, clipboard and all, and started talking to Diana. Meanwhile, I'm trying to shrink in the shadows of the foyer and I'm seeing them chatting for about five minutes. All of a sudden, Bill Graham smiles and, with arm around her shoulder, escorts her to the front doors and lets her walk in!
I scooted to meet her as she's walking in. I have this most incredulous expression on my face, I'm sure, because I had heard all the stories about Graham being such an asshole that he would not even let his mother in without a ticket. Diana was as surprised to see me as I her. I blubbered, "Blup blup duhp how...whawhat did you say to him?" She replied, "Oh, nothing much really, I just told him I wasn't going to leave until I got in." Bill Graham had let her in for free.
With that we were sternly told to leave where we were standing and so I grabbed Diana and we walked into the swirling mass of New Years Eve Dead show Winterland's floor. Somehow we found our friends and settled in for a delicious evening of Grateful Dead.
Sometime around 3 am while the Dead were thoroughly steeped in their eerie snake music, I got sort of tired and started looking around. For some reason, I started rolling my head around to stretch it and, looking ceiling ward, noticed this guy standing on this thin little beam way up above the stage. He's just teetering there hanging on for dear life.
I thought he was part of the lighting crew and thought no more about it, but then I just kept looking back up there and, after awhile, I realized he was not part of the crew. Suddenly I grokked at the fact that that guy had somehow slipped in through the vents in the ceiling.
Minutes later I could see that on both ends of the beam there were techies motioning to him to come toward them, but the guy was frozen in place. They were trying to throw a rope to him, but they couldn't get him to grab it--so tenuous was his hold on life. He had gotten himself into a fix from which he could not extract himself.
Eventually, Bob Weir stops the music and says, "We gotta get outta here on account of we're having some problems up above." The Dead leave the stage. Winterland becomes deathly quiet and Bill Graham walks out on stage to the center microphone and calmly says to the guy above:
"Just hold it for a second please. Just one second please. If you can just try to find your way back from where you came, there, please."
Someone from the audience shouts, "Jump!"
Graham snaps at the shouter, "Why don't you shut your hole, boy, okay?"
Then back to the guy above, "Just for one moment try that."
Someone else yells "Happy New Year" and Graham adds, "Why don't you just wait, just take your time out there, y'know. Some people wait for you, just take your time."
Then to the audience Graham implores, "If you love the guy, just let him feel you love him, okay?"
Someone yells, "We love you, brother!"
Graham utters to the guy on the light beam as the crew lowers a rope to him from the roof vent, "Take it easy, we're going to try to find the way you came up there, try to find the same way out."
Then to the audience Graham orders, "If there's anyone out there in a hurry, do us a favor...go home. None of the other people here are in a hurry, okay? Good. When the situation is like this, you gotta work at his pace, you understand that?"
It's obvious by now the guy is not going to go back the way he came. Someone on stage says to the guy, "Tie that rope around your waste."
Graham says to lighting, "Can we put a spotlight on the top of this rope please? Is there a schmuck...?"
Just then Graham grabs the rope that a techie has dropped to the stage, and with the crew above holding another rope around the guy, the guy lowers himself down the rope to the stage hand-over-hand, feet-gripping-rope gym class style with Bill Graham directly underneath him holding that rope like he's hanging onto a sinking ship. If the guy would have fallen, it's for certain Graham would have caught him midair.
The guy gets down on the stage and Graham asks him why he did it and the guy says, "I couldn't afford the ticket!" The audience bursts into tumultuous applause.
Moments later the Dead arrive back on stage to finish their set and Weir quips, "Next week we're gonna have trained seals!"[33a]

"Winterland is packed: we are about in the middle of the floor…As things get close to starting time, these two guys - both wearing corduroy jackets, and one of them with a ponytail that comes down to his ass - are working their way through the crowd. They crouch down right in front of us and open a velour-lined briefcase - more like a large jewelry box - full of little white pills (mind you, it’s hard to distinguish colors in the Day-Glo environment). One of them says, “Acid, courtesy of the Grateful Dead.” It was eight months since my last trip, and it’s tempting, but, no, not tonight, I say to myself…Someone next to us takes one, and my companion, Kirk, saying, “Why turn down a free hit?, puts on in his pocket. Eventually, Bill Graham comes out and leads everyone in the countdown to midnight: 3,2,1 and the band breaks into “Around and Around.
Pigpen did not make the show."[114]

10/2/73 Merl Saunders
It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry,;Finders Keepers,;The Harder They Come,;My Funny Valentine,;That's All Right Mama;Second That Emotion>Sweet Little Angel>Jam, I've Got News For You, How Sweet It Is
Legal Aid Benefit[22]
New Riders Of The Purple Sage, Mike Bloomfield, Hot Tuna also performed.
Martin Fierro guests, for the second known time after 7/19/73.
Sarah Fulcher sings on a song.
Roger "Jellyroll" Troy plays bass at the end, and sings a couple of blues numbers.
Matthew Kelly sits in on harmonica.
Enthusiastic crowd of 4000 turned out for a Hell's Angel named Badger under indictment for murder. Bill Graham is not informed of the Hell's Angels connection.[105]

"Following sets by Stoneground, New Riders of the Purple Sage, and Mike Bloomfiel & Friends, the Garcia-Saunders Band took the stage at Winterland. They invited several friends to sit in over the course of the show, making this one of the more unique performances by the group. They say goodnight and inform the audience that Jorma and Jack (aka Hot Tuna) will be taking the stage next."[65]

11/9/73 Grateful Dead
I:The Promised Land;Brown Eyed Women;Me And Bobby McGee;They Love Each Other;Black Throated Wind;Don't Ease Me In ; Mexicali Blues;Row Jimmy;The Race Is On;China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider;Playing In The Band
II:Here Comes Sunshine;Me And My Uncle;To Lay Me Down;Big River;Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo;Greatest Story Ever Told>Bertha;Weather Report Suite Prelude>Weather Report Suite Part 1>Let It Grow>Eyes Of The World>China Doll;Around And Around;Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad>Johnny B. Goode
Encore:Uncle John's Band
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.

11/10/73 Grateful Dead
I:Bertha;Jack Straw;Loser;Looks Like Rain; Deal;Mexicali Blues;Tennessee Jed;El Paso;Brokedown Palace;Beat It On Down The Line;Row Jimmy ;Weather Report Suite Prelude>Weather Report Suite Part 1>Let It Grow
II:Playing In The Band>Uncle John's Band>Morning Dew>Uncle John's Band>Playing In The Band;Big River;Stella Blue;Truckin'>Wharf Rat>Sugar Magnolia
Encore:One More Saturday Night;Casey Jones
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
Jerry played the guitar Wolf
"I got in line at 7am with a loaf of raisin bread and a 6 pack of beer. It was raining pretty much all day. Not a problem. There were already about 30 people in line when I got there. At noon or so it stopped raining so some of us played catch with a football right in the street. One of the other guys in line I recognized when I saw the line scenes in the Grateful Dead movie. They let us in at 4PM; they started playing at 7:30. I was 2nd person back right between Jerry and Bob.
At one point someone threw a rose at Bob. It got stuck between his fingers and the guitar while he switched chords. He didn't even notice it for a few seconds; didn't affect the sound. Next day I didn't get in line until 4:30 PM."[32]

11/11/73 Grateful Dead
I:The Promised Land>Bertha>Greatest Story Ever Told;Sugaree;Black Throated Wind;To Lay Me Down;El Paso;Ramble On Rose;Me And Bobby McGee;China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider;Me And My Uncle;Loose Lucy;Weather Report Suite Prelude>Weather Report Suite Part 1>Let It Grow
II:Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo;Big River;Dark Star>Mind Left Body Jam>Eyes Of The World>China Doll;Sugar Magnolia
Encore:Uncle John's Band;Johnny B. Goode>And We Bid You Good Night
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
Jerry plays the guitar Wolf (with no sticker).

12/15/73 New Riders Of The Purple Sage
Jerry sits in on a Telecaster guitar and Sandy Rothman on banjo for Glendale Train. Jerry has no beard and wears a tie dye shirt.[133]

1/11/74 Merl Saunders
This show was canceled.[22]

1/12/74 Merl Saunders
This show was canceled.[22]

Grateful Dead
I:U.S. Blues;Beat It On Down The Line;Brown Eyed Women ;Mexicali Blues;It Must Have Been The Roses;Black Throated Wind;They Love Each Other;Big River;Loose Lucy;El Paso;Row Jimmy;Playing In The Band
II:Tennessee Jed;Me And My Uncle;Ship Of Fools;The Race Is On;China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider;Truckin'>Nobody's Fault But Mine >Jam>Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
III:Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo;The Promised Land ;Brokedown Palace;Jack Straw;Eyes Of The World>China Doll>Wharf Rat>Sugar Magnolia
Encore:Uncle John's Band
Promoter Bill Graham Presents
Bill Graham Intro: "Whatever's going on in the rest of the world if it's wars or kidnappings or crimes, this is a peaceful Sunday night, with The Grateful Dead."
Jerry plays the guitar Wolf.

Grateful Dead
I:Around And Around;Dire Wolf;Me And Bobby McGee; Sugaree;Mexicali Blues;Here Comes Sunshine;Beat It On Down The Line;Ship Of Fools;Jack Straw;Deal;The Promised Land>Bertha>Greatest Story Ever Told
II:Row Jimmy;Weather Report Suite Prelude>Weather Report Suite Part 1>Let It Grow>Stella Blue;Big River;Ramble On Rose;Me And My Uncle;He's Gone>Truckin'>Drums>The Other One>Eyes Of The World>One More Saturday Night;Casey Jones
Encore:Johnny B. Goode ; And We Bid You Good Night
Promoter Bill Graham Presents
Bill Graham Intro: "Thank you, thank you very much for waiting, the reason, for the delay, was that one of the musicians, was detained, by a social engagement. Without any further adieu from Marin County the great great Grateful, Dead. - Bill Graham

"With the introduction of “the great, great Grateful Dead” from Bill Graham, the show kicks off with a no-nonsense “Around and Around” where Weir just about shouts himself hoarse inside the first five minutes.'[116]

"There's some great stage banter amongst the guys between Sugaree & Mexicali:
Phil: Maybe it'd be a good idea to save all these marshmallows for the hungry people that are in the audience next to you.
Bob: One other thing, it's really a drag stepping on roses. It's really a drag looking down and seeing that you just crushed a lovely rose, so you oughta save the roses that you're gonna throw up here for later in the show where they stand a better chance of survival.
Jerry: Fuck the roses, save yourselves!
Phil: If you can…"[46]

2/24/74 Grateful Dead
I:U.S. Blues;Mexicali Blues;Brown Eyed Women;Beat It On Down The Line;Candyman;Jack Straw;China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider;El Paso;Loser;Playing In The Band
II:Cumberland Blues;It Must Have Been The Roses;Big River;Bertha;Weather Report Suite Prelude> Weather Report Suite Part 1>Let It Grow>Row Jimmy;Ship Of Fools;The Promised Land;Dark Star>Morning Dew;Sugar Magnolia>Not Fade Away>Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad>Not Fade Away
Encore:It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
"Before "U.S. Blues," Bill Graham says, "This is a peaceful Sunday night with the Grateful Dead."[47]

Grateful Dead
I:Bertha;Jack Straw;Deal;Mexicali Blues;It Must Have Been The Roses; Beat It On Down The Line;Scarlet Begonias;Me And Bobby McGee;Tennessee Jed;Cumberland Blues;Row Jimmy;Playing In The Band
II:Seastones>Wharf Rat>Space>Eyes Of The World;Big River;Ship Of Fools;Truckin'>Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad>Uncle John's Band;Johnny B. Goode
Encore:U.S. Blues
Seastones at intermission. During Set II, Ned plays on  Ned and Phil > Space jam>Wharf Rat>Space>Eyes of the World. [108]
Jerry plays the guitar Wolf.
Bob Weir's 27th birthday.
"Some great Phil and Ned Seastones starting the second set into deep meditative Space into more Space into Wharf Rat into Space into Eyes."[48]

"Beautiful women danced onstage for much of the second set."[49]

Grateful Dead
I:The Promised Land;Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo;Black Throated Wind;Friend Of The Devil;Jack Straw;Loser;El Paso;China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider;Me And My Uncle;It Must Have Been The Roses;Weather Report Suite Prelude>Weather Report Suite Part 1>Let It Grow
III:Scarlet Begonias;Big River;Ramble On Rose;Mexicali Blues;He's Gone>The Other One>Spanish Jam>Mind Left Body Jam>The Other One> Stella Blue;Sugar Magnolia
Encore:Casey Jones;U.S. Blues
"Ned and Phil" set. (Seastones at intermission)
Jerry plays the guitar Wolf. Jerry was interviewed about the filming of the movie, The Grateful Dead. "Unreleased interview done for the Grateful Dead Movie) [ also had an unedited clip of this interview on a "Celebrating Jerry" page]"[92]

10/18/74 Grateful Dead
I:Around And Around;Sugaree;Beer Barrel Polka Tuning;Mexicali Blues;Peggy-O;Beat It On Down The Line;Brown Eyed Women;Cumberland Blues;El Paso;Tennessee Jed;Jack Straw;Row Jimmy;Weather Report Suite Prelude>Weather Report Suite Part 1>Let It Grow
II:Seastones>Jam>Dark Star>Morning Dew
III:The Promised Land>Bertha>Greatest Story Ever Told;Ship Of Fools;Not Fade Away>Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad>One More Saturday Night
Encore:U.S. Blues
Ned plays during the first half of Set II:  Ned and Phil>jam>Dark Star> Morning Dew.[108]
"Finally the doors opened early or mid afternoon, and as we filed towards the door I looked back over my shoulder to see a reel-to-reel tape recorder being lifted into an open second floor window by a rope.
Once inside, I took a quick look around at the old rubber lined floor ramps (for skaters), upper and lower tier seats, and finally settled on the floor near the stage. That massive wall of speakers was shrouded in black cloth (which was mildly disappointing as I'd enjoyed gawking at it during the outdoor gigs), there were banners for both Rolling Stones licks and Grateful Dead up behind the scaffolding, and they started projecting old cartoons onto an overhead screen."[16]

"I was sitting about twenty feet away from the stage, with the Wall of Sound. After the first set, when they came back in and opened the second set with Dark Star and Morning Dew, I was sitting there with CT-110. All my buddies were protecting the tape deck and me. I always had an extra blank tape in my pocket, just in case I got busted, so I could try to switch it real quick. So I was sitting there with my head down on the ground, trying to listen to the first set to see if it came out okay, when this guy comes up and says, “Let me listen to that!” I looked up and was about to let him listen when i saw a laminate on him. So I said, “No way!” I jumped up and said that he was trying to steal my coat, And all these people came up and pulled a bad trip on him, causing him to immediately cut my wires. By that time, I had switched the cassette and he walked off with the blank one; we respliced the wires and taped the Dark Star>Morning Dew. It was a pretty intense thing when we looked up and the guy was there."[103]

10/19/74 Grateful Dead
I:Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo;Me And My Uncle;Friend Of The Devil;Beat It On Down The Line;It Must Have Been The Roses;El Paso;Loose Lucy;Black Throated Wind;Scarlet Begonias;To Lay Me Down;Mama Tried;Eyes Of The World>China Doll;Big River
III:Uncle John's Band;Big Railroad Blues;The Race Is On;Tomorrow Is Forever;Mexicali Blues;Dire Wolf;Sugar Magnolia>He's Gone>Truckin' Jam>Caution Jam>Drums>Truckin'>Black Peter;Sunshine Daydream
Encore:One More Saturday Night;U.S. Blues
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
Jerry plays the guitar Wolf.
"Ned and Phil" set. (Seastones at intermission)
"The show’s masterpiece begins innocuously enough, with Ned Lagin’s insect-like keyboard noises, joined in short order by Phil’s musique concrete bass booms. After nearly a half hour of duo improvisations, the remaining band members troop on silently and join what becomes a strange, slow, and elegant jam that leads into what proves to be the last Dark Star for over four years and one of the most emotional versions ever."[117]

"I still remember so much of this show, particularly when Mickey Hart's drums appeared on stage and the buzz of "Mickey Hart" spread throughout hot, dirty, sweaty, perfect Winterland."[23]

"It was weird in Winterland, lighted up as a movie set with violet and straw filtered lamps focused on the floor. It was kind of like watching a concert with the houselights half way up at sunset. It doesn't seem that way while watching the movie because 35 mm film made Winterland seem darker. Also there were acetylene fireballs going off behind the stage at the end of songs, like a voiceless "Applause" sign, apparently to get a more enthusiastic reaction from the mellow hometown crowd. I remember sitting off to the side of of the floor with my buddies during the second set jam. A "hippie cheerleader" came up in front of our section. "Are you having a good time?", he hollered during the jamming. The lights and cameras turned on us to get the reaction shot. Though quite high, I still felt sort of manipulated."[50]

10/20/74 Grateful Dead
Cold Rain And Snow;Mama Tried;Deal;Beat It On Down The Line;Loser;Jack Straw;Tennessee Jed;El Paso;Brokedown Palace;China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider;Around And Around
Set 1.5: Seastones
II:Playing In The Band>Drums>Not Fade Away>The Other One Jam>Drums>The Other One>Wharf Rat>Playing In The Band
III:Good Lovin';It Must Have Been The Roses;The Promised Land;Eyes Of The World>Slipknot!>Stella Blue>Sugar Magnolia
Encore:Johnny B. Goode
Encore II:Mississippi Half Step>Bid You Goodnight
"Ned and Phil" set. Seastones at intermission. During Set II, Ned plays on Playing in the Band>Drums>Not Fade Away>Drums>The Other One>Wharf Rat>Playing in the Band.  For Set III, Ned's electric piano is left on stage right and he plays only some tunes - the "Grateful Dead Movie" archive film footage can verify which ones.[108]
Jerry plays the guitar Wolf.
"It has to end sometime. Or else we'll be like Guy Lombardo, every New Year's, for another generation."(4)

6/17/75 & Friends (Bob Fried Memorial Boogie)
I:Crazy Fingers;Beat It On Down The Line;Deal;Big River;Peggy-O;Me And My Uncle;Help On The Way>Slipknot!>Franklin's Tower
II:Blues For Allah>Stronger Than Dirt Or Milkin' The Turkey>Drums> Stronger Than Dirt Or Milkin' The Turkey>Blues For Allah;Sugar Magnolia
Encore:U.S. Blues
The Mirrors, Kingfish, and Keith & Donna opened.[22]
Jerry plays the guitar Wolf 1.1.
"First appearance of Franklins Tower and Help On The Way at any performance."[51]
"Ned Lagin was included in the original billing and was to play the entire concert; he attended set up and sound check, but decided not to play.[132]

"Bill Graham gave me a full size poster while in line, I thanked him because Bob Fried was such a far out poster artist, so when he walked by again he came back with a poster."(

12/19/75 Jerry Garcia Band (middle set), Keith and Donna Band
Sugaree;Catfish John;That's What Love Will Make You Do;Sitting In Limbo;Lady Sleeps;Mystery Train;I'll Take A Melody;Pig's Boogie;Mission In The Rain
Clover ( Huey Lewis was in Clover)  opened, then Keith & Donna Band, Kingfish headlined.[22]
Jerry plays a TB-1000A Artist #51 guitar.[126]
Attendance was 3190.
Ron Tutt rejoins the band after a Las Vegas engagement with Elvis Presley.[118]
Jerry sings Scarlet Begonias with the Keith and Donna Band and jams with Roddie Hoddintott.(106)
Matt Kelly sits in on harmonica. Ron Tutt returns to the drums after a Las Vegas engagement with Elvis Presley.[106][109]
Nicky Hopkins joins Keith Godchaux for a piano duet in One More Saturday Night to end Kingfish's set.[106][109]

"He was an incredible player," Kahn said,"like the Chopin of rock and roll. He was bluesy but he also had this beautiful tone and touch that complemented Jerry's playing really well. That was th ideas, and then Tutt and I would lay down this really fat, well defined bottom sound. But it didn't work out. That wasn't Hopkins' best period. Frankly, he didn't even remember any of the gigs. Later, he asked me if we ever had any fun. I said, Yeah, and he said, "Then it mustve been alright." Tutt really didn't like Hopkins, and after a while he blew Jerry out, too, because he was just too over the edge; he was too fucked up to play music. That's the line where you've gone too far. At this Winterland show he was on another planet, playing in the wrong key, and you just couldn't get to him. He sort of wrecked that whole gig. Tutt was really mad."[95]

Jerry Garcia And Friends opened.
Let It Rock;They Love Each Other;Russian Lullaby;Tore Up Over You;Jingle Bells; Birmingham;The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down,;Money Honey,;Let's Spend The Night Together>Edward The Mad Shirt Grinder
Bob Freid Memorial Boogie Benefit
Clover ( Huey Lewis was in Clover)  opened, then Keith & Donna Band, Kingfish headlined.[22]
Jerry plays the TB-1000A (Artist) #51 guitar.[123]
Matt Kelly sits in.
Attendance was 4777.

3/18/77 Grateful Dead
I:The Promised Land;Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo;It's All Over Now;Sugaree;New Minglewood Blues;Peggy-O;Cassidy;Scarlet Begonias>Fire On The Mountain
II:Samson And Delilah;Brown Eyed Women;Good Lovin';Ship Of Fools;Estimated Prophet;Lady with A Fan>At A Siding>Drums>Not Fade Away>Saint Stephen>Around And Around
Encore:Uncle John's Band
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
Jerry plays the Travis Bean 500 #12 guitar.[93]
First Fire On The Mountain, First Scarlet Begonias>Fire On The Mountain transition.

"Only time they ever tried any other part of Terrapin."[61](At A Siding)

"I remember before the concert, Uncle Bill erected a volleyball net, then directed and coached impromptu pick up tournament between various deadhead regions at this show. I think Marin County Deadheads won because Bill was the captain of that team."[59]

"Bill was the umpire of the volleyball game I played in, on the floor in front of the deadheads. Bill donated money to the Clinic team who won the volleyball tourney, which went on all three nights before the show. I remember the deadheads all cheering because the deadhead teams were all underdogs vs the clinic team."[60]

"It's the Sugaree and that first solo that, I think, is what is THE blow away moment of this show. It's the most innocuous and non-threatening of things...the opening solo on a Sugaree and it's not like it's long or furious or anything out of this world but it's one of the most ethereal and majestic little solos ever played and it's gone before you can say "boo."[9]
"Sugaree is great, but it was a bit early in the show for draw dropping, which is exactly what happened during that Terrapin. At one point I realized that my jaw had actually "dropped" and I was staring in amazement at what was coming off that stage. It was like they had become the Berlin Philharmonic."[10]

Grateful Dead
I:Bertha;Mama Tried;Loser;Big River;They Love Each Other;Looks Like Rain;Tennessee Jed;Estimated Prophet;Lady With A Fan>Playing In The Band>Samson And Delilah>Playing In The Band
II:Eyes Of The World>Space>Dancing In The Street>Wharf Rat>Franklin's Tower>Sugar Magnolia
Encore:One More Saturday Night;Uncle John's Band
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
Jerry plays the Travis Bean 500 #12 guitar.[93]

3/20/77 Grateful Dead
I:New Minglewood Blues;Ramble On Rose;El Paso; Deal;Cassidy;Peggy-O;Beat It On Down The Line;Brown Eyed Women;Estimated Prophet;Scarlet Begonias
II:Samson And Delilah;Row Jimmy;The Promised Land;Saint Stephen>The Other One>Stella Blue;Around And Around
Encore:U.S. Blues;Lady With A Fan
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
Jerry plays the Travis Bean 500 #12 guitar.[93]

6/7/77 Grateful Dead
I:Bertha;Jack Straw;Tennessee Jed;Looks Like Rain;Peggy-O;Funiculi Funicula;El Paso;Friend Of The Devil;The Music Never Stopped
II:Scarlet Begonias>Fire On The Mountain>Good Lovin';Candyman;Estimated Prophet>He's Gone>Drums>Samson And Delilah;Lady With A Fan>Morning Dew>Around And Around
Encore:Uncle John's Band;U.S. Blues
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
Jerry plays a Travis Bean 500 #12 guitar.[93][120]

6/8/77 Grateful Dead
I:New Minglewood Blues;Sugaree;Mexicali Blues;Row Jimmy;Passenger;Sunrise;Brown Eyed Women;It's All Over Now;Jack-A-Roe;Lazy Lightnin'>Supplication
II:Bertha>Good Lovin';Ramble On Rose;Estimated Prophet>Eyes Of The World>Drums>The Other One>Wharf Rat>Not Fade Away>Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad>Johnny B. Goode
Encore:Brokedown Palace
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
Jerry plays a Travis Bean 500 #12 guitar.[93]

6/9/77 Grateful Dead
I:Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo;Jack Straw;They Love Each Other;Cassidy;Sunrise;Deal;Looks Like Rain;Loser;The Music Never Stopped
II:Samson And Delilah;Funiculi Funicula;Help On The Way>Slipknot!>Franklin's Tower;Estimated Prophet>Saint Stephen>Not Fade Away >Drums>Saint Stephen>Lady With A Fan>Sugar Magnolia
Encore:U.S. Blues;One More Saturday Night
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
Jerry plays a Travis Bean 500 #12 guitar.[93]
"Last show before Mickey wrecked his car. The band took the summer off because of it - about 3 months total."[52]

12/27/77 Grateful Dead
I:Bertha>Good Lovin';Brown Eyed Women;Cassidy;Peggy-O;Looks Like Rain;Dire Wolf;Passenger;Candyman;El Paso;Friend Of The Devil;The Music Never Stopped
II:Cold Rain And Snow;Lazy Lightnin'>Supplication;Scarlet Begonias>Fire On The Mountain;Estimated Prophet>He's Gone;Truckin'>Wharf Rat>Around And Around
Encore:Samson And Delilah
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
Jerry plays the guitar Wolf.
"My friend Larry, and I, attended all four shows and were right down front in the middle of the floor and the sound was the loudest I had ever heard the Grateful Dead play. This show on the Tuesday was the only time this band ever made my ears ring, so for the Thursday show I brought my ear protection and was glad I did ~ the Thursday show was an absolute barnburner. Jerry was dancing, jumping, and windmilling. He seemed to be enjoying himself like I had never seen him before or since. The sound of his refurbished "Wolf" guitar was all-consuming."[37]

12/29/77 Grateful Dead
I:Jack Straw;They Love Each Other;Mama Tried;Loser;Looks Like Rain;Tennessee Jed;New Minglewood Blues ;Sugaree;The Promised Land
II:Bertha>Good Lovin';It Must Have Been The Roses ;Sunrise;Playing In The Band>China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider>China Doll>Space>Drums>Not Fade Away>Playing In The Band
Encore:Lady With A Fan;Johnny B. Goode
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
Jerry plays the guitar Wolf.[121]

12/30/77 Grateful Dead
I:Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo;Me And My Uncle;Dire Wolf;Looks Like Rain;Row Jimmy;Big River;Peggy-O;Passenger;Ramble On Rose;Let It Grow
II:Samson And Delilah;Ship Of Fools;Estimated Prophet>Eyes Of The World>Jam>Saint Stephen>Sugar Magnolia
Encore:U.S. Blues;Good Lovin'
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
Jerry plays the guitar Wolf.[121][128]

12/31/77 Grateful Dead
I:The Music Never Stopped;Tennessee Jed;Funiculi Funicula;Me And My Uncle;Loser;Jack Straw;Friend Of The Devil;Lazy Lightnin'>Supplication
II:Sugar Magnolia>Scarlet Begonias>Fire On The Mountain;Truckin'>Wharf Rat>Drums>Not Fade Away>Around And Around
Encore:One More Saturday Night>Casey Jones
New Riders Of The Purple Sage opened.[22]
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
Jerry plays the guitar Wolf.
"I remember NYE being at delayed until 12:30AM, I guess the boys were celebrating. And at 12:30, Bill Graham coming out as Father Time in a diaper."(57)
"Bill Graham wanted to be Father Time for the Santana show, so he was late for the Dead in 1977/78."[58]

Jerry Durham was the New Years Baby.(97)

"The New Year's Eve celebration, and the beginning of the second set, were delayed until 12:30 so Bill Graham could come over from the Cow Palace, where Santana, Journey and Eddie Money were playing. Graham had been the "star" of that celebration, and he wanted to "star" in the Dead's as well (I think he rode down to the stage in a giant paper mache joint.
Little flyers were apparently passed out to some people warning about the delay until 12:30, but no one on my side of the crowd got any, and the crowd was pretty confused and unruly about the apparent delay."(101)

"The "last SF Dark Star" banner was a fixture in Winterland for years and was torn up into little pieces and used as confetti that night."(65)

"On the way to Winterland, everyone got handed a card with a Stealie logo on one side and the words “Good things come to those who wait. Midnight will come at 12:30.” After the set break the Dead jammed in darkness while spots lit up Bill Graham, costumed as Uncle Sam, who was lowered from the rafters aboard a Harley. When he hit the stage - at 12:30 - the band launched into “Sugar Magnolia” as thousands of balloons dropped."[125]

"Back in 1977, my girlfriend (now wife), myself, and two buddies decided to road trip from Nebraska to the old Winterland for the New Year's Eve run of shows in SanFranciso. I toted along with us a clay scupture that I had made the prior year. It was a one and 1/2 foot (in circumference) dragon that was biting/consuming it's own tail. I had 'scraffitto' (carved designs) into the entire beast's 'hide' and then it was fired and stained. It was the biggest piece of clay sculpture that I have ever made. And I thought it would be fun to give it to the band on New Years.
So away we go, get to the venue and secured tickets for the run (12/27-29-30-31-77). The shows were unbe*censored*inliveable and Winterland was such a great hall. But on the 31st, we were sitting on the sidewalk waiting for the doors to open, talking and watching the circus, ready to hurry and get in for the 'activities' ie. freak volleyball and Bill Graham was going to show us movies (Ray Bradbury's Illustrated Man and the original Beatles Magical Mystery tour) before that evening's show.
I thought "I better try to unload the dragon aka 'oroboros' now, it's heavy and I don't want to try to talk my way though the front gate with it." I spied a door that said 'Backstage' and began knocking on the door. No answer. The line of people on the side walk started getting up and moving toward the entrance. Banged even harder thinking "I've got to get this dragon in there so I can go in the front and join in before the show", and as I pounded harder, the door yanks open so hard that it yanks me into the doorway. This doorway is immediately filled with a gigantic black man in a red event t-shirt, who puts his hand on my chest and leans forward and bellows "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" Startled, I held out the dragon with both hands and stuttered "to give this to the band". The giant took it in his immense hand and his face curls into a grin as he held it closer to inspect it and I watched my dragon shrink to the size of a key chain. He exclaimed "Wow, what is this, I'd like one" and I explained "it's an oroboros and that is the only one there is." He grinned and said "Cool, who do you want me to give it to?" and I said "to Garcia, give it to Jerry Garcia." The giant disappeared as quickly as he appeared and the door slammed shut like the the first time Dorothy tried to get into the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz.
So, I happily gain entrance to the show and needless to say, it was something, 'freak volleyball' followed by the movies, Grahm's copy of Bradbury's 'Illustrated Man' followed by a 16 mm Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour". The colorful/wonderful crowd, 'rainbow' Rose with an eyedropper of liquid party favor "just one dollar per drop. On your tongue or for the adventurous, a drop in your eye". Oh, and when each person walked through the entrance the staff handed us a piece of paper that had a message about a "surprise at midnight" (sent that into LL and it was posted a couple years ago). When you entered Winterland, you could go into the big 'hall' surrounded on all sides by an elevated balcony, (with theater seats). You could also go into a bar, which played some black and white videos on a 'big screen' taken from pro shots of the Winterland stage when  Hendrix or Airplane or etc played. Very entertaining on many levels. Hey, the New Riders of the Purple Sage are starting, got to get in there, the sound is loud and they are rocking the house.
Anticipation was high and the Dead came out for the first set. Our party favors are now starting to engage..., things began to sparkle, and the old Winterland venue takes notice, and her walls start to sweat and, then to sway with the strains of familiar music as the Dead coax this old hall to dance with us all.
This is such a delight, I know the vista cruiser is engaged and then I notice when the house lights went down, and the stage lights went dark inbetween songs, I saw it.
On top of a monitor, inbetween Billy and Mickey, there was a flame, it was a white candle sitting in front of a dragon consuming it's tail. It was oroboros, ON STAGE WITH THE DEAD! I watched as Jerry walked over and lit a cigarette off the candle.
They took a break and the surprise for the second half was Uncle BoBo (as Bobby liked to call Graham) dressed up as Uncle Sam on a motorcycle sliding down on a cable suspended high from the back of the hall to the stage. They put spotlights on him as he approached the stage and it was hilarious. Because as Graham came to the stage, the weight of the bike and BoBo was too much and the stage hands had to rush out and drag him onstage and then to the explosion of Sugar Mag, complete with dropping balloons and babies girl and boy New Years dancing at the each edge of the stage. I was 'sittin' on top of the world (Dead reference intended). What a night!!
If you pull up look the Fire on the Mountain 1977 video from that NYE show, right at the end of Fire on the Mountain, the camera does focus in on the 'oroboros' for a couple of seconds. What a treat that run in 1977 was. At many levels, the return of China Cat-Rider, my being able to 'gift' our band, who poured out so much to us."[

10/17/78 Grateful Dead
I:The Promised Land;Friend Of The Devil;Mama Tried>Mexicali Blues;Tennessee Jed;I Need A Miracle;Stagger Lee;Jack Straw
II:Scarlet Begonias>Fire On The Mountain;Estimated Prophet>Eyes Of The World>Drums>Space>If I Had The World To Give>Around And Around
Encore:U.S. Blues
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
During Space:
Freakin' Lady: I know this sounds strange, but I'd like to take banjo lessons.
Jerry: I don't teach anymore
Freakin' Lady:What?
Jerry: I don't teach anymore
Freakin' Lady: Yeah, but I'd really like to take banjo lessons
Jerry: I don't teach anymore
Freakin' Lady: Oh, I'm sorry

Grateful Dead
I:Sugaree;Me And My Uncle>Big River;Peggy-O;Looks Like Rain;Stagger Lee;New Minglewood Blues;Candyman;The Music Never Stopped
II:Bertha>Good Lovin';From The Heart Of Me;Ship Of Fools;Samson And Delilah;Lady With A Fan>Playing In The Band>Drums>Space>Wharf Rat>Truckin'
Encore:I Need A Miracle
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
Jerry plays the guitar Wolf.
"Drums have that Egyptian slant, very nice, and drift into interplay with Lee Oskar."(38)

10/20/78 Grateful Dead
I:New Minglewood Blues;They Love Each Other;Cassidy;Dire Wolf;El Paso;Tennessee Jed;It's All Over Now;Loser;Lazy Lightnin'>Supplication
II:Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo>Franklin's Tower;Dancing In The Street>Drums>Space>Not Fade Away>Black Peter>Around And Around
Encore:Johnny B. Goode;Shakedown Street
Hamza El-Din sits in.
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
"I do remember:- experiencing the stage as DOWN, as in gravity, and KNOWING that the only way not to get sucked into its black hole was to KEEP DANCING;- getting nudged suggestively, turning and seeing a female skeleton grinning at me with a come-hither look -- I turned right around and kept dancing;- the DOWN feeling transmigrating into hanging upside-down from the floor like a bat, then the floor swirling around the stage, with me hanging from my still-dancing feet, head aimed DOWN toward the stage.
It was Phil Lesh's fault, or maybe it was something I ate. Anyway, I survived, didn't get sucked into the black hole, and had a pretty hilarious time after the concert as well. Felt like I'd fallen into a Furry Freak Brothers comic."(39

10/21/78 Grateful Dead
I:Ollin Arrageed>The Promised Land;Sugaree; Passenger;Ramble On Rose;Looks Like Rain;Stagger Lee;I Need A Miracle
II:Bertha>Good Lovin';It Must Have Been The Roses;Estimated Prophet>He's Gone>Drums>Space>Got My Mojo Workin>The Other One>Stella Blue>Sugar Magnolia
Encore:U.S. Blues
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
Hamza el-Din sits in on the opening two songs. Lee Oscar sits in on harmonica.
"Now this is the stuff! When Jerry sings the first words of Sugaree you can hear a bit of gasp and delight from the crowd, like they're hearing a god sing."(53)

"Bill Graham invited us to watch from the stage. The road manager sat us on some trunks in the shadows about six feet from the drummers. The music was amazing. It had physical impact. I could feel it and hear it, but mostly I was watching the whole performance. I was surprised to realize that these men were in their late thirties or early forties.
The lights kept changing and different things would come in and out of view. At the end of the set, we went back to the dressing room and Bill introduced us to Jerry Garcia. He reminded me of Francis, sort of portly with traces of gray in his black beard.He appeared to be a thoughtful, middle aged man in the music business.
I went back to stage left…Bill Graham came by every little while. He said, "Look at the audience, look at that, the crowd isn't crazy, it's just weaving, everyone is joined together. It's a sociological phenomenon. Somebody ought to study it."(98)

10/22/78 Grateful Dead
I:Ollin Arrageed>Deal;Me And My Uncle>Big River;Friend Of The Devil;New Minglewood Blues;Peggy-O;Jack Straw
II:Scarlet Begonias>Fire On The Mountain;Samson And Delilah ;From The Heart Of Me;I Need A Miracle>Drums>Not Fade Away>Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
Encore:Johnny B. Goode
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
Jerry plays the guitar Wolf.
Hamza el-Din sits in on opening song. Lee Oscar on harmonica.
John Cippolina sits in on Not Fade Away.
"How fitting that Uncle Bobo announced the closing of Winterland right before a fat Scarlet >Fire."(54)

12/31/78 Grateful Dead
I:Sugar Magnolia>Scarlet Begonias>Fire On The Mountain;Me And My Uncle>Big River;Friend Of The Devil;It's All Over Now;Stagger Lee;From The Heart Of Me>Sunshine Daydream
II:Samson And Delilah;Ramble On Rose;I Need A Miracle>Lady With A Fan>Playing In The Band>Drums>Not Fade Away>Around And Around
III:Dark Star>The Other One>Dark Star Jam>Wharf Rat>Saint Stephen>Good Lovin'
Encore:Casey Jones>Johnny B. Goode;And We Bid You Good Night
New Riders Of The Purple Sage and Blues Brothers opened.(22)
Promoter Bill Graham Presents.
Simulcast on KQED-TV and KSAN.
Jerry plays the guitar Wolf.
John Cippolina sits in.[113]
Matt Kelly sits in on I Need A Miracle.
"I was in the Burbank Airport the afternoon of 12/31/78. My sister and I were flying back to the Bay Area after having visited my dad who lived in Simi Valley. Were are in the terminal waiting for our plane to board and I walked past the snack bar on the way back from the restroom. Suddenly I see this guy with long hair and a 'salt and pepper' beard chowing down a hot dog. The guy looked strangely familiar, but not really being into the Grateful Dead I didn't recognize him as Jerry Garcia. I walked back to the gate and noticed a really tall red-headed gentleman (Bill Walton) surrounded by a bunch of hippie-looking people. It was the Grateful Dead and although I didn't know it at the time they were flying back home for the last concert at Winterland."(33)

"The first time I met him I was with the Blues Brothers, and we opened for the Dead at the last Winterland show on New Year's Eve in 1979. I wasn't really schooled in what the Dead were about. We played, and then went to several parties and got back to the hotel about 4 a.m., turned on the television, and the Dead were still playing. They went on around 11 p.m. "(Late Show with David Letterman bandleader Paul Shaffer)

"John Belushi ending their set by pulling out a magnum bottle of Champagne, shaking it, and spraying it out over the crowd. I was in the front row, dead center, and saw it coming, and ducked with photo and other gear, below the stage lip."(56)

"John Belushi almost knocking me and my mom down while doing backflips down the aisle at NYE '78 AT Winterland."(99)

"The closing of Winterland was pretty great. So much craziness going on. I mean Dad had Bill Murray be my guardian the whole show so I didn't get into trouble. Murray was doing Caddyshack, I think, at the time and looked just like his character in that movie. He kept looking down at me and shouting, "ISN'T THIS GREAT!"(74)

"The last night of Winterland, the night started with the usual volleyball game, and at about 6:00PM, a movie screen lowered in front of the stage, and we were treated to a showing of "Animal House". When that was over, the screen was raised, and there on stage was The Blues Brothers. They played a full set, tore it up, did backflips, the whole deal. Very cool. They were followed by the New Riders, then the Dead. After breakfast, we stumbled into the cool misty air of a New Year at about 5am."(55)

After the Grateful Dead closed the building in 1978 with a wild New Year's Eve party, Winterland was put to rest.

Winterland, San Francisco, CA
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  2. Great stuff!
    However the first photo is of the National Theatre. Although on the same block as Winterland its cross street was Sutter. I lived directly across the street from Winterland's front entrance from 1984 to 1990, and watched it being "broken down".

    March 15, 2013 at 3:10 PM

  3. Thanks Blue, I deleted it. Did you happen to take any photos?

  4. My roommate took a few.
    I shot some poor quality Polaroids.
    I'll see what I can dig up for you.
    I also have a number of boxing and wrestling programs.
    Including one from 1928!

  5. Edward J Lynch is my great-grandfather, and I am a 6th generation San Franciscan still living in the city. Thank you for posting this.

  6. Hi Matthew,
    Thank you for posting. Please email me at

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  12. November 9, 1973 at Winterland was a life-changing event for me. It was my first Dead show, and this 14-year-old was on a date with his first girlfriend, Judi, and a couple of friends. Before entering the ancient and decrepit but magnificent arena, we unwrapped our sugar cubes. "Make sure to get all of the aluminum foil off or it will wreak havoc with your fillings all night."

    To quote, R. Crumb, "Here goes nuttin'! Down the hatch!"
    Uncertain of what would happen next, we went to the nose bleed section of the balcony to find a little space and stayed pretty much glued to our seats for an eternity, looking at the tiny florescent shapes on stage. (They looked very much like how the band is depicted on the back of Mars Hotel - glowing and insect shape-shifting. Thank you Stanley Mouse!)

    I went to the bathroom during the break - down and down a maze of concrete ramps, astounded that so many people were members of my elementary school class. So disgusted was I by the Winterland bathrooms that I couldn't release my precious bodily fluids into the troughs. The walls were a little distracting too.

    The second set was peak time, and the music was relentless. I can never articulate how the music affected me, but I know I matured about 20 years that night, experiencing the infinite spectrum of all emotional experience in human history!!! When the band relaxed a little and fell into China Doll, we were so relieved. I didn't know the song was about suicide; it just felt like a short and welcome break from the chaos.

    As dramatic (and even traumatic) as the night was, I was hooked. I learned to love waiting in line out front to ensure a good balcony seat, all of the crumbling concrete, the rats, and even the bathrooms. I learned to love the neighborhood and the feeling of being a white kid roaming through it nervously at 2 am. (I miss San Francisco). After a sweaty night of dancing, we would go to Lee's Liquors up the street and buy a six pack of San Miguel Dark. Then the walk to Alta Plaza Park guzzling the cold brew that would help us come down.

    I ran into so many friends from my childhood there, it's crazy. The last time I had seen them, they were innocent children. Now we were all innocent young adults staring at each other in wonder. A big piece of my heart still dwells at Post and Steiner. The condos that took Winterland's place must have very interesting energy.