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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Encyclopedia Of Jerry Garcia Music Venues

Seven years ago I began collecting data for Jerry's Brokendown Palaces, and although the blog's 428 venues are often updated here, the project has evolved into The Encyclopedia Of Jerry Garcia Music Venues.
Alphabetically by state, there are 1250 venues that include rehearsal, recording, performance, living spaces and canceled show venues.
It's mainly about the history of each venue including architects, builders, owners, opening night performances and other notable appearances, murals, paintings, statues, stage prosceniums, backstage areas, pipe organs, secret rooms, hidden tunnels, restorations and demolitions.

The Encyclopedia also covers Jerry's history at each venue and includes the bands he played with, opening acts and in some cases via dated photos and videos, what guitar he was playing, and other anecdotal information.
I've added eye witness reports to as many specific dates as possible. The stories are unedited and contain the wild adventures that we all know, love and remember so well. If you're reading this it's likely you have a story to be published in the Encyclopedia. Tell about your adventures at a specifically dated Garcia related performance and have them published in the Encyclopedia!
If you'd like to share your story you can email me at
I can help you figure out the correct date of your story. Tell all your friends about this project. I've already gathered about a thousand stories!

Thus far there are over 915 venue photos approved by over 820 photographers including university and public libraries, historical societies and museums. Only 75 more to go as there's no photos of the interview venues or canceled venues in the book.
There aren't any Jerry photos (well, maybe two that no one has ever seen from 1963 and 1967) just photos of the venues themselves, and in some cases, Deadheads.

Also, I've added a section that chronicles Jerry's 105 musical instruments with a history and photo of each.

I'm planning to self publish a printed hard copy and e-book. Maybe 5000 1st Edition Deluxe copies, autographed of course!
I envision a large book, carved leather bound hard cover, this is a book that resembles the records kept for medieval pilgrimages to holy sites. People will want to know centuries from now where it all took there ya go.

If your interested in obtaining this publication you can send your email and I'll keep you informed on a publishing date, close to September 2017.

I'm in search of any photos of the venues/musical instruments below, they'd have to be rescanned at 300dpi or larger or 1 mb in size or larger. Please email me at if you know where I can find any.

400 club sf ca
alembic workshop sf ca (demolished)
ash grove/pitschell players los angeles ca (demolished)
audios amigos studios sf ca (sunset district)-1975
boar's head jewish community center san carlos ca (demolished)-1962
bob weir's ace studio mill valley ca
coffee gallery sf ca
dave stewart's studio encino ca-1989
david crosby's sailboat Mayan now in santa cruz ca-1971-1972
dinkelspiel auditorium stanford ca
film studio mill valley ca
garcia's 1st st sf ca-1947-1955 (demolished)
geology lecture hall stanford ca
grateful dead house los angeles ca-1966
guitars unlimited menlo park ca-1964-1965
hippodrome san diego ca (demolished)
homer's warehouse palo alto ca (demolished)
hullabaloo los angeles ca-1967
jerry’s grandparents cabin lompico ca
ken babbs ranch soquel ca-1965 (demolished)
kings beach bowl kings beach ca-1967-1968
kpfa studios shattuck berkeley ca-1961-63, 1981-1993 (demolished)
kurt’s kopy kat tavern sf ca
marigold ballroom fresno ca-1967
mcarthur’s spirits sf ca
mccune studios sf ca-1970 (demolished)
mickey hart's barn novato ca-1969-1978
mojo's arcata ca-1982
napa sports camp napa ca-1969
new college union ballroom loma prieta room san jose state ca-1969
off campus studio palo alto cao
out of town tours 1330 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 204
San Rafael, CA
palomino station riverside ca-1983 (demolished)
peace center palo alto ca-1961
peninsula y.m.c.a. san mateo ca-1965 (demolished)
perry lane #9 palo alto ca (demolished)
pier 10 sf ca-1968
poppycock palo alto ca-1969
rancho diablo la honda ca
red whale stinson beach ca
rehearsal hall (deadpatch) pt reyes ca-1970-1973
round reels mill valley ca
rucka rucka ranch marin ca
serenity knolls forest knolls ca-1995
sierra college (football field) rocklin ca-1969
sneaky pete’s lombard or broadway? sf ca
sophie's/keystone palo alto ca-1975-1986 (demolished)
stinson beach community center stinson beach ca
stone house studio fairfax ca-1983
tangent palo alto ca-1962-65
thee experience west hollywood ca
trouper's hall los angeles ca-1966
the site west marin ca
uncle charlie’s corte madera ca
happy logan music store boulder co
reeds ranch colorado springs co-1969
university memorial center forum room boulder co-1969
new haven arena new haven ct
hippodrome de patin paris france eu-1981, 1990
criteria studios miami fl-1967, 1971, 1972
thee world miami fl (National Guard Armory)-1968
opaglua lodge (quicksilver studio) oahu hi-1970-demolished 1982
stages granite city il-1983
world music theater tinley park il-1990
bob marley performing arts montego bay jamaica-1982
psychedelic supermarket boston ma-1967
great woods mansfield ma-1989
sullivan stadium foxboro ma
baltimore civic center md
performing arts center old orchard beach me-1989
riverport amphitheater maryland heights mo-1994, 1995
livingston college gym piscataway nj
ice palace las vegas nv-1969
century sound studios nyc ny-1967
daytop village staten island ny-1968 demolished
felt forum ny ny
gaelic park ny
navarro hotel ny ny
robbie robertson’s studio, ny
woodstock, ny (barry levine)
columbus folk center columbus oh
beaver hall portland or-1966 (demolished)
betty nelson's organic raspberry farm sultan or-1968
ken kesey’s house pleasant hill or
old renaissance fairgrounds veneta or-1982, 1992
pelletier farm st helens or-1969
springers inn gresham or (demolished)-1969, 1970
liberty hall houston tx (demolished)-1976
volunteer park seattle wa
york farm mt york wi-1970

Musical Instruments
alembic #3
alembic #6-santa rosa workshop
alvarez spucetop cutaway
alvarez-yairi DY99 virtuoso modulus, 1992
alvarez-yairi gy
bill kreutzmann's father's banjo
fender casio PG-380 1980's
elvis costello's fender jazzmaster, unknown vintage
fender stratocaster, 1981 made in japan
fender stratocaster, 1981, made in usa
fender stratocaster possibly 1988 rare pewter
gibson ES-355 featuring black inlays
-gibson les paul 1957 black non-vibrato tune-o-matic (fixed) bridge, coffin pickups
gibson les paul 1957 black with bigsby vibrato bridge
gibson les paul 1960 sg tv, hand painted top or yellow/handpainted '58 or '59 "les paul tv model"
gibson les paul gold
gibson les paul jr.
gibson mastertone late 1930's TB-7 top tension flathead
gibson mastertone RB-250 banjo
gibson rb-3 or rb-4 flying eagle
gibson SG special 1960 or '61
gibson SG standard 1968
guild honey colored electric 1966-'67
irwin tiger 1979
irwin wolf 1973
irwin alembic 1972
jerry gave an unknown signed guitar to bill walton's four sons
jerry's fiddle pre-1963
jerry's home piano
mexican acoustic
modulus electric guitar pre-1985
paramount style A vega 5 string banjo pre-1963
regal dobro wood pre-1964
rick turner custom guitar, peanut SG 1967
sho-bud D-10 pedal steel pre-1971
steinberger headless circa 1980's
travis bean 1000A #51 1975
unknown 12 string acoustic (ask grisman)
unknown make/model/year neapolitan accordian
vox organ TC 02262
washburn EA40 woodstock
weymann nickel plated 1930's 5 string banjo
weymann 1930's style 4 banjo, gold banded arch top
weymann style 6 banjo
yamaha non-cutaway black
yamaha SC-1000 pre-1981
zb custom D-10 pedal steel pre-1970



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