Friday, September 29, 2017

The Encyclopedia Of Jerry Garcia Music Venues UPDATE

Nine years ago I began writing The Encyclopedia Of Jerry Garcia Music Venues. It's the only book that combines all of Jerry's side band dates and the Grateful Dead's dates together by venue. 
Alphabetically by state, there are 1300 venues that include rehearsal, recording, performance, living spaces and planned/canceled show venues. 
The history of each venue is here including architects, builders, owners, opening night performances and other notable appearances, murals, statues, stage prosceniums, backstage areas, pipe organs, secret rooms, hidden tunnels, restorations and demolitions. 
Jerry's history at each venue includes the bands he played with, set lists, opening acts and other information giving the reader an idea of what went down at every date on every tour. In many cases via dated photos, what guitar Jerry was playing, and other anecdotal stuff that we love to read.

I've added eye witness reports to as many specific dates as possible. These are numerous, hysterical and heartwarming.

There are thousands of footnotes for verifying all the information.

Thus far I‘ve collected nearly 925 hi res venue photos approved by over 900 photographers. I've utilized college and public library special collections, historical societies, museums, architectural firms, Flickr and others. Only about 65 more photos to locate! These are the toughest ones! There aren't any Jerry photos, mainly photos of the venues themselves, and in some cases, Deadheads. Well, there is one of Jerry at Place Ville Marie, Montreal, 8/6/67. He's got a thin leather headband on. No one's seen this one as the photographer thought she was shooting the Jefferson Airplane, who also performed for free that day.

Jerry owned over 115 musical instruments in his lifetime, giving away most of them. Each is documented with photos.

Envision a large book, similar to an old bible. This is a book that resembles the records kept for medieval pilgrimages to holy sites. People will want to know centuries from now where it all took there ya go.
To add your most unique, wildest memories of a specific Garcia performance to this book, please send them to
Self publishing printed hard copy in July, 2018. 


  1. Yeah, can't wait to get my hands on it!

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  4. OMG, I just discovered this blog while searching for the original location of Dana Morgan's. I have started to put together a little JG tour of SF for visiting Deadheads and this blog will be an invaluable resource.

    Incredible work, thanks for sharing. If you want any Jerry pix from the 80s and 90s for your book, let me know.

    Also, I'm sure you been asked, but do you have any plans to connect all these addresses to Google Maps?

  5. Hey, why do you have the Keystone Berkeley and the Stone (SF), but not the Keystone Palo Alto?

  6. achiappanza, I'd love to see your photos. All the venues, over 1300, are connected to Google Maps. Soon it will all be revealed. Please email me at

  7. Keystone Palo Alto is in the book also. It's extensive.

  8. Thanks for doing this work. It is obviously a labor of love. I will buy your book! <3

  9. Hi - great stuff! we're always looking for little-known photographs of Boston's architectural history, and would be interested in your book once it is available.

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