Monday, September 24, 2012

David McQueen's (David X) other house, Ramona Street, Palo Alto, CA

One night in St. Michael's Alley in Palo Alto I met Pigpen. He turned a friend and I on to a frequent jam session at the house of a "David X" in East Palo Alto. We'd go and give Pigpen a ride since he didn't have a car. (Andy Z.)

"We had an old house on Ramona Street in downtown Palo Alto — there was a one-block area in that part of Palo Alto where a few blacks lived; one block. Ron used to work at the gas station on the corner between the house we lived in and the mom and pop store where we bought our wine. Ron accosted me one day on one of my frequent wine runs: here was this young white kid with bad skin and he still had his baby fat, but he talked like a 60-year-old black blues man. 'Hey man, you the cat that's been havin' all them parties?' he said. 'I want to come over!' When I asked how old he was, he said, 'Damn that — I play guitar and harmonica,' except he called it a 'harp' just like a young brother." David McQueen(1)

Jerry always had a guitar with him wherever he went", McQueen continues,"One day, after doing a yard job, we were on the way back to my house in east Palo Alto. It was summer, kids were out playing in the streets, and Jerry was playing guitar and we were singing as we walked. I looked behind us at one point and there was a whole group of little black kids following us and dancing....When we stopped they were all over Jerry: Play some more! Play some more! Jerry loved it. (1)

Jerry lived and rehearsed here in

1.)^Jackson, Blair, Garcia, An American Life, pg 3, 42

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