Saturday, September 22, 2012

Neil Rosenberg's house, Bloomington, IN

Neil Rosenberg As a Blue Grass Boy: While a student at the University of Indiana, Neil Rosenberg played in the house band at Bean Blossom for several years starting in 1961; in 1963 he also managed the park. During this time, he filled in on several occasions as a Blue Grass Boy.
Before and After: Neil Rosenberg continues to play bluegrass today; since 1973 he has played with the band Crooked Stovepipe. He is better known in the bluegrass world, however, as the author of the definitive book Bluegrass: A History. His writings also include the 1975 Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys: An Illustrated Discography (now out of print) and Bluegrass Odyssey, a collaboration with photographer Carl Fleischhauer. He created the "30 Years Ago This Month" column for Bluegrass Unlimited and wrote it for 13 years before turning it over to Tom Ewing in 1994.

"In Bloomington, where early Berkeley banjo mentor and later renowned bluegrass historian Neil Rosenberg lived while attending graduate school in Folklore at Indiana University, Jerry and I played often at Neil's house..."(1)

1.)^Rothman, Sandy, 2012-03-18.

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