Thursday, December 27, 2012

KVRE, Cindy Paulos, Santa Rosa, CA 1/21/83

Jerry Garcia Intervewed by Cindy Paulos, the music director and owner of KVRE at the time. Cindy said," Yes, I have listened to the interview and I love it. It's so nice to hear Jerry's voice. I believe I had the honor of introducing Jerry's band that night at the Phoenix Theater."

Here is some info on the former KVRE:

Comments (DavidRothstein)

  • I was at that show and Jerry was really late that night, He rocked it but it almost 11 P.M, before he graced us with his music. This was a great era for Jerry's music. I really miss K.V.R.E. radio. What were the call numbers? 107.9?? For some reason, I remember 7's and 9's but I could be way off too. No radio station has come close to the quality and knowledge of music since they stopped airing in Sonoma County.
  • I use to have an interview recorded on an 8 TRACK of
    Jerry, Bobby, Brent and WNEW DJ Scott Muni playing poker on the air.
    It was incredibly funny. It was from 1970 or 80

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  1. David Rothstein--it was 101.7 and yes it was a great station. It's what I listened to when I first started rolling the knob in search of stations, and where I got exposed to a lot of diverse genres at a young age. …back in the day when DJs were real people and you tuned in to those who shared or influenced your interests. KVRE's eventual passing marked the end of the heyday of FM radio, at least regionally. A chain restaurant--I believe a Carrows--now occupies the hollowed ground of the old station house...