Monday, July 23, 2012

Silva Concert Hall, Hult Center For The Performing Arts, 7th and Williamette Eugene, OR

Capacity 2455

The idea of a facility that could accommodate not only local but also national and international art groups predated the Hult’s official ground-breaking on July 14, 1979 by decades.
National acclaim followed the opening of the Hult Center for the Performing Arts more than 25 years ago on September 24, 1982. That attention was especially rewarding, because the Hult Center was the last of five major arts facilities to open in the U.S. during a two-week period.
Marilyn Horne, the opening night guest, called it the most glorious hall she had ever been in. Bryon Belt, music critic for Musical America, noted that it was "a tremendous triumph." The Washington Times' Jay Alan Qauntrill referred to it as a "jewel."
Opening night rivaled the celebration that broke out when supporters learned voters passed a 1978 bond measure to build the center. Twice before - in 1972 and 1973 - similar bond measures were soundly defeated. And, now during an economic downturn, voters embraced the concept.
The Eugene Arts Foundation was formed in 1978 to raise private funds for the performing arts center, which was the first in the country built without the benefit of state or national funding.

Wrangling over which architectural firm would design the complex ended as abruptly as it had begun when the City Council awarded the contract to the New York firm of Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates. The firm entered the competition of 27 companies with dazzling credentials, including the $7.5-million, 2,700-seat Minneapolis Orchestra Hall; the $13-million Boettcher Concert Hall at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and a $2-million restoration of Andrew Carnegie’s mansion to house the Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York, among others.(1)

Jerry performed here on
8/29/83 Grateful Dead
8/30/83 Grateful Dead
8/31/83 Grateful Dead
1/16/84 Jerry Garcia Band
5/6/84 Grateful Dead
5/7/84 Grateful Dead
5/8/84 Grateful Dead
12/5/84 Jerry Garcia Band

1.)^Ah...The Memories!,


  1. Maybe I missed it scrolling through the S's here but you need to put in Santa Monica Civic Aud. March 7, 1970. I also don't see UC Santa Barbara (but maybe you have that under the U section). UCSB - Campus Stadium May 25th, 74. Also played UCSB Robertson Gym May 29,69. There might have been another at UCSB with JGB or Jerry with David Gris. I thought it was in the San Diego Arena (name changed a few times) but went back to that and not seeing it now but know it's on the S venue page - you have The Stone Pony - that should be spelled the Stone Poneys - common mistake - forget if it was Andrew Gold who first made the mistake on spelling of Pony as Poney - but it stuck due to signs were up and several in the group thought it was 'different' and OK. Sorry, it's late/early and I am not seeing what venue but know it's on the S page - might be on other alpha venue pages as well - like said, common error many make. When I have time, I will go through the rest of the alpha venues and try to help add to it. Hopefully you are listing to Wen night WeirHere at Tri Studios streaming. Think 2-20 might be the last one for a time as Bobby is going to travel some here soon. Gerry would have loved Tri! I will see if I can wrack my brain and think of a couple clubs in Oakland/Berkeley JGB used to inpromt. play quite often. One was a Chinese Rest in front with a banquet room in the back where they played after the rest. closed. once you have my edits in here, feel free to delete my comment.

    1. Forgot to say the UCSB CAmpus Stadium May 25h, 74 was a day though eve/night double bill with The Beach Boys opening in the day light. Dusk the Dead came on.