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Rutgers Athletic Center (Busch Campus, Rutgers University), 83 Rockafeller Road, Piscataway, New Jersey

Capacity 8000
The Louis Brown Athletic Center, or The RAC as it’s often called, is home to the Rutgers men’s and women’s basketball programs.
"What used to be called Livingston College Campus or what we that were students in 1981 called the "Rock"."[3]
Opened in 1977, the Louis Brown Athletic Center is one of the great arenas in the nation to watch exciting college basketball. The reasons for this are numerous - Excellent sightlines! Outstanding lighting! Incredible acoustics! The fans are right on top of the action. It's also the perfect-sized venue to see a basketball game. This arena has been dubbed, “louder than a 757 from nearby Newark.” The RAC is definitely one of the toughest college basketball arenas in the nation for visiting opponents.
Most fans and students still refer to this truncated pyramid, which lies on the northern end of the Livingston campus, as "The RAC," which is short for Rutgers Athletic Center, the original name of the facility.
The arena opened on November 30, 1977 with a win against rival Seton Hall.
The arena was known as the Rutgers Athletic Center until 1986, when it was renamed for Louis Brown, a Rutgers graduate and former member of the varsity golf team, who made a large bequest to the University in his will. Despite the name change, the building is still largely referred to as "The RAC" (pronounced "rack") by students, alumni, fans, and players.
The building is shaped like a truncated tent with trapezoidal sides on the north and south ends. It is home to the men's and women's Rutgers Scarlet Knights basketball teams. Previously, the University used the 3,200-seat College Avenue Gym from 1931 to 1977.
The RAC was named the second-loudest arena in the nation by

5/15/81 Grateful Dead[2]
I:Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo>Franklin's Tower>New Minglewood Blues;Dire Wolf;Cassidy;Candyman>Little Red Rooster;Jack-A-Roe;El Paso;Ramble On Rose>Looks Like Rain>Don't Ease Me In
II:Scarlet Begonias>Fire On The Mountain>Estimated Prophet>Eyes Of The World>Drums>Space>Not Fade Away>Black Peter>Sugar Magnolia. Encore:U.S. Blues
Promoter John Scher Presents.
"I vividly remember the lightning flashes through the skylight during Looks Like Rain! There was almost a dialogue between the band, audience, and electrical storm that really upped the energy. Right around Black Peter time, I worked my way up front stage left...really, really close to Garcia. I was basically touching the stage about 10 ft from Jer...and feeling slightly overwhelmed and almost unnerved.
You see it was really loud, and those notes Ol' Jer was hitting were more than just notes, well they were waves."[4]
"A major thunder/lightning storm outside & interplay with the band...a glass dome inside the auditorium so you could see/hear the storm during the show."[5]

Rutgers Athletic Center (Busch Campus, Rutgers University), Piscataway, NJ 
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