Monday, August 6, 2012

Jerry's mother's apartment above The 400 Club, 400 1st Street and Harrison, San Francisco, CA

...the "400 Club" neighborhood of Rincon Hill in SOMA (South of Market) in San Francisco.

"I grew up in a bar," Jerry said. "And that was back in the days when the Orient was still the Orient, and it hadn't been completely Americanized yet. They'd bring back all these weird things. Like one guy had the largest private collection of photographs of square-riggers. He was an old sea captain, and he had a mint condition '47 Packard that he parked out front. And he had a huge wardrobe of these beautifully tailored double-breasted suits from the '30s. And he'd tell these incredible stories. That was one of the reasons I couldn't stay in school [later]. School was a little too boring. These guys gave me a glimpse into a larger universe that seemed attractive and fun and, you know, crazy."

Jerry practiced here at least, on
August 1, 1957


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