Friday, August 3, 2012

John Cranford Adams Playhouse, South Campus, 118 Hofstra University, West Hempstead, NY

In 1942, John Cranford Adams published a book, The Globe Playhouse, Its Design and Equipment.
John Cranford Adams
Since 1958 the Shakespeare Festival has been held in the John Cranford Adams Playhouse, originally known as The Hofstra Playhouse. In most years the replica of the Globe has been used as the setting for the Shakespeare Festival.(1)

John Cranford Adams Playhouse includes a complete stage with its own box office. The dance and drama departments also have offices in the 40,504 square foot building. The structure was designed by Aymar Embury who also did the early alterations in 1961-1963.

In 1974 the building was dedicated to Hofstra President John Cranford Adams. Dr. Adams was President of Hofstra University from 1944 to 1964.

Jerry performed here on
11/21/77 early and late shows JGB


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