Thursday, August 30, 2012

Page Auditorium (Duke University), 402 Chapel Drive, Durham, NC

Capacity 1232 (see note below)

The atmosphere at the auditorium is majestic because of the architecture within the auditorium and outside surroundings. Built in the 1930's, Page Auditorium is a landmark theater at Duke. Located adjacent to the Duke Chapel.(2)
The auditorium hosts numerous musical and stage performances, including many Duke Performances shows. Located next to the Duke Chapel, Page Auditorium is connected to Flowers Building and shares its entrance way.(3)
The Auditorium has a 37 foot traditional proscenium stage opening (stage dimensions are 60'x35' deep) including approximately 11 feet of wing space on each side.
The facility has an orchestra pit with a Yamaha upright piano, a rock maple stage floor suitable for dancing, a sound system which can be augmented for high volume productions, stage lighting system, counterweight rigging system, and loading dock adjacent to the stage floor.(1)

Jerry performed here on
4/4/76 Early and late shows Jerry Garcia Band
1508 tickets were printed for each show (early and late).[4]

4.)^JGMF, comments, 2015-12-29.


  1. When JG played here on 4/4/76, the official capacity was 1,508.

  2. Actually, let me correct myself - that's how many tickets were printed for each show on 4/4/76.

  3. 1,355 for the early show, 1,094 for the late show.