Sunday, August 26, 2012

Palomino Station, 5881 El Palamino Drive, (Indian Hills) Riverside, CA

There is no information online about the building that was once here.

At 3:45 AM on Sunday July 31, 1982, Patricia Schneider, after completing work as a cocktail waitress at the Palomino Station, an Indian Hills CA restaurant and nightclub, made a call from the Circle K market on Limonite in Pedley (between Riverside and Mira Loma) CA reporting her car had broken down. A clerk at the Circle K stated he saw two white males with sandy hair in the parking lot while Schneider made calls from the phone. Between 5 and 6 AM that same morning, a Riverside county sheriff found Schneider's car on fire near the intersection of Van Buren Blvd and Doolittle Ave. The area was searched and no traces of Patti were ever found.

Set on beautifully landscaped grounds with a private lake complete with ducks, turtles, fish and a lakefront deck in 2012, Emeritus at Villa de Anza is considered one of the Inland Empire area’s premier senior living communities.

Jerry performed here on
10/3/83 Jerry Garcia Band
10/4/83 Jerry Garcia Band

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  1. Bangles played the Palomino July 27, 1984. It was the absolute worst sound I have ever heard come out of a PA system. I was 19 then and I told all of my friends and family, The Bangles will never go anywhere! I just might have been mistaken!