Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Encyclopedia Of Jerry Garcia Music Venues

Seven years ago I began collecting data for Jerry's Brokendown Palaces, and although the blog's 428 venues are often updated here, the project has evolved into The Encyclopedia Of Jerry Garcia Music Venues.
Alphabetically by state, there are 1272 venues that include rehearsal, recording, performance, living spaces and canceled show venues.
It's mainly about the history of each venue including architects, builders, owners, opening night performances and other notable appearances, murals, paintings, statues, stage prosceniums, backstage areas, pipe organs, secret rooms, hidden tunnels, restorations and demolitions.

The Encyclopedia also covers Jerry's history at each venue and includes the bands he played with, opening acts and in some cases via dated photos and videos, what guitar he was playing, and other anecdotal information.
I've added eye witness reports to as many specific dates as possible. The stories are unedited and contain the wild adventures that we all know, love and remember so well. If you're reading this it's likely you have a story to be published in the Encyclopedia. Tell about your adventures at a specifically dated Garcia related performance and have them published in the Encyclopedia!
If you'd like to share your story you can email me at
I can help you figure out the correct date of your story. Tell all your friends about this project. I've already gathered about a thousand stories!

Thus far there are over 920 venue photos approved by over 900 photographers including university and public libraries, historical societies, private photographers, Deadheads and museums. Only 80 more venue photos to go as there's no photos of the interview venues or canceled venues in the book.
There aren't any Jerry photos (well, maybe two that no one has ever seen from 1963 and 1967) just photos of the venues themselves, and in some cases, Deadheads.

Also, I've added a section that chronicles Jerry's 110 musical instruments with a history and photo of each.

I'm planning to self publish a printed hard copy and e-book.
I envision a large book, this is a book that resembles the records kept for medieval pilgrimages to holy sites. People will want to know centuries from now where it all took there ya go.

If your interested in obtaining this publication you can send your email and I'll keep you informed on a publishing date, hopefully close to September 2017.

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