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Saturday, October 6, 2012

(Seashore) Performing Arts Center, Turn Road, Old Orchard Beach, ME

Capacity 15000

Built in 1985 and formerly known as the Ballpark, SEAPAC was booked by Providence's Frank Russo from 1989 to 1991.

The 48.7 acres of land The Ballpark sits on today, and approximately 100 acres that surround The Ballpark lot, was purchased by the town in the 1970’s. The town used some of the land to build the police and fire stations and the schools. After construction of the facilities was completed, lots of open space remained. In 1983, the town decided to sell about 50 acres to Jordan Kobritz so he could build a park for his professional baseball team. In order to secure financing for the project, the town agreed to co-sign the loan with Mr. Kobritz. After three seasons of baseball, Mr. Kobritz sold the team and left town. Old Orchard Beach was required to pay back the 2.2 million dollar loan. The town would reacquire the land after paying off the debt.

In 1989, the town decided to help pay back the money it owed by leasing the ballpark to the Seashore Performing Arts Center (SeaPAC). SeaPAC was run by Dale Blow and Frank Russo. For three years, from 1989 to 1991, Mr. Blow and Mr. Russo mostly used the venue for music shows. An up and down relationship with the town and complaints from citizens about traffic and noise caused the relationship between the town and SeaPAC to end.

In 1993 a new business, Ballpark Productions, owned by Old Orchard Beach native Archie St. Hilaire, entered into an agreement with the town to produce concerts and family-oriented events at The Ballpark. The town leased the venue to Ballpark Productions from April to October in the years 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1997. Mr. St. Hilaire chose not to renew the lease after 1997. Shortly after Ballpark Productions stopped producing events, Ed Anderson leased The Ballpark for three years because he wanted to bring a professional soccer team to town. He never did and the facility has not been used since.(1)

“The Ballpark” which used to be the home of the class AAA Maine Guides (Philadelphia Phillies, Cleveland Indians). In recent years, the Ballpark underwent major renovations after sitting idle for nearly a decade. The entirety of the renovations were possible only through the volunteer work, donations, and determination of the local community.(2)

Jerry performed here on
9/13/89 Jerry Garcia Band

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