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Pauley Pavilion, 301 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA

Capacity 10,337
H.R. Haldeman [Chief on Staff of Nixon White House 1969-1973] headed the campaign to build a state-of-the-art sports arena. A million dollars was raised, which was matched by a donation from Edwin W. Pauley.
Edwin Pauley at his desk. Photo from the Truman Library(5)
Pauley made his fortune running oil companies from the mid-1920s onward. He founded The Petrol Corp. in 1923. Pauley was president of Fortuna Petroleum by 1933. In 1947 he bought Coconut Island in Hawaii, as a private retreat.[4] Several of his deals involved Zapata Corporation, run by George H. W. Bush, including a joint-venture with Pemargo in 1960. In 1958 he founded Pauley Petroleum which, with Howard Hughes, expanded oil production in the Gulf of Mexico.
Later Pauley also became a part owner of the Los Angeles Rams football team and a director of Western Airlines.
Pauley became involved with the Democratic Party as a fundraiser in 1930s, eventually becoming Treasurer of the Democratic National Committee. In 1940, he served as a member of the Interstate Oil and Compact Commission. He was a friend and confidante of U.S. Senator Harry S. Truman, and through Truman's influence, President Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed Pauley as Petroleum Coordinator of Lend-Lease Supplies for the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom in 1941. He was director of the 1944 Democratic National Convention.

A smaller dedication to Pauley exists at his alma mater, the University of California, Berkeley: the Pauley Ballroom, which can seat up to 1,000 people in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Union.
The Los Angeles building was designed by architect Welton Becket.[1)
Pauley construction, Photo from
Chancellor Franklin Murphy with basketball coach John Wooden and donor Edwin Pauley at the groundbreaking ceremony for Pauley Pavilion. The building was dedicated as part of Commencement ceremonies in June 1965.

The building was dedicated in June, 1965, named for University of California Regent Edwin W. Pauley, who had matched the alumni contributions.

Concert performers have included Bob Marley,[10] Bad Religion, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Luciano Pavarotti, Eric Clapton, The Grateful Dead, Phish, Guns N' Roses, Metallica, and Faith No More, among others.

In 1970, Frank Zappa appeared with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra performing Zappa's orchestral music. Zubin Mehta directed the orchestra in what would become the soundtrack for Zappa's movie 200 Motels. Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention recorded Just Another Band from L.A. in Pauley Pavilion in 1972.

UCLA's longest winning streak in men's basketball at Pauley Pavilion was 98 games. It ended on February 21, 1976, when Oregon defeated UCLA, 65-45.

The building was venue for gymnastics for the 1984 Summer Olympic Games.(2)

Pauley Pavilion contains 10,337 permanent theater-style upholstered seats, plus retractable bleachers for 2,482 spectators, making a total basketball capacity of 12,829. This capacity has been exceeded several times for several men's basketball games by adding portable bleacher seating alongside the retractable bleachers. The single-game attendance record of 13,478 was set on February 23, 1997 (UCLA vs. Duke).

In 1994, composer Henry Mancini, having learned he had terminal cancer, gave his last concert at Pauley Pavilion.

Pauley Pavilion is had a makeover for the first time since it opened in 1965, completed fall 2012.(3)

Jerry performed here on
Grateful Dead
GD-I:Bertha;Me And My Uncle;Sugaree;Beat It On Down The Line;Tennessee Jed;Mexicali Blues ;Brown Eyed Women;El Paso;Big Railroad Blues;Jack Straw;Cumberland Blues;Playing In The Band;Casey Jones;One More Saturday Night
II:Truckin'>Drums>The Other One>Ramble On Rose;Sugar Magnolia;You Win Again;Not Fade Away>Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad>Not Fade Away

The New Riders Of The Purple Sage opened with Buddy Cage on pedal steel.[18]
Promoter UCLA Committee on Fine Arts Production/Marlin/Aura.
KMET FM broadcast.
Keith Godchaux replaces Pigpen.[18]
"Bobby and Jerry's between song banter was hilarious. Some guy yelled out "you're all high on coke" after, Jerry replied, "No man you got it all wrong, listen to the lyrics, man"."[6]

"As the lights dimmed for Purple Sage's nearly two-hour set, people began dropping like flies from the arena-level seats onto the playing floor where those with $5 tickets sat and danced.
The ushers stood - either helpless or uncaring - as the group made the 12-foot drop. They also stood by watching and absorbing the strange smells wafting through the arena as many people smoked marijuana.
More than 400 joined what was already a sellout crowd and swelled the ranks to nearly 2,000 standing, sitting, bobbing and dancing bodies.
During the concert, which was broadcast live on FM station KMET, balloons and frisbees flew through the air and the crowd rocked to the sound of Purple Sage and the Pig Pen-less Grateful Dead.
Purple Sage brought the audience to its dancing feet with the lively sounds of Johnny Otis's Hand Jive. The performance was good and kept the attention of the crowd, which waited patiently for the Dead.
Although suffering from the absence of Pig Pen (Ron McKernan) who is recuperating from a kidney operation, the Dead played two sets and sounded like a different group each time.
For the first 90 minutes, they seemed oblivious to the people, spending as much as five minutes between songs retuning their guitars and trying to get the bugs out of the sound equipment.
But after a half-hour break, they returned and played the song "which rocketed to the number one spot in Turlock, Calif. within a week," Truckin'. It was the beginning of a second 90-minute set which included 25-minutes of jamming, some Chuck Berry tunes from their new album, and Casey Jones.
The Dead, in the old Fillmore West-type informal setting, played to the crowd's highest expectations during the second set. It was only too bad that the sound system gave them as many problems as it did."[17]

11/17/73 Grateful Dead
I:Me And My Uncle;Here Comes Sunshine;Looks Like Rain;Deal;Mexicali Blues; Tennessee Jed;The Race Is On;China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider;Big River;Brown Eyed Women;Around And Around
II:Row Jimmy;Jack Straw;Ramble On Rose;Playing In The Band>Uncle John's Band>Morning Dew>Uncle John's Band>Playing In The Band;Stella Blue; El Paso;Eyes Of The World>Sugar Magnolia
Encore:Casey Jones

Promoter UCLA Committee On Fine Arts Productions and Pacific Presentations.
Jerry plays the guitar Wolf.
"Tickets required a night playing cards in line and a student body card. The crowd was electric, everybody on their feet 1/2 way through the opener. Although familiar with the sound, for most it was their first time seeing the Dead live. Interplay between band and crowd was magic... Jerry and Phil driving the beat meeting center stage on each chorus, the crowd roaring on cue... A merging of song and dance honed to joyful perfection."[7]

12/30/78 Grateful Dead
I:Jack Straw;They Love Each Other;Mama Tried>Mexicali Blues;Loser;Looks Like Rain;Stagger Lee; Passenger;Tennessee Jed;New Minglewood Blues;Sugaree;The Promised Land
II:I Need A Miracle>Bertha>Good Lovin';Scarlet Begonias>Fire On The Mountain;Playing In The Band>Shakedown Street>Drums>Ollin Arrageed>Space>Saint Stephen>Not Fade Away>Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad>Around And Around
Encore:One More Saturday Night

Hamza El Din sits in on Drums. Lee Oskar also sits in for a few tunes.[16]
"I was 18 years old, unfamiliar with most of the songs, it changed my life, need I say more."[8]

"I recall getting split up from my best friend sean. then suddenly like a horse from beyond- I can hear the neighing of this beautiful girl who use to dance around, throw her hair back and neigh like a horse almost orgasmic-like. There was my partner right next to her. Anyone touring at this time couldn't miss this beautiful goddess by the name of Allison. She could be heard and seen every where there was a show."[9]

"All I could remember from this show was the slide show documenting the bands trip to Egypt."[10]

"Having gone to Pauley Pavilion many times to watch UCLA basketball games, this was the first time I had gone to see the Dead at this storied venue. With the UCLA championship banners hanging from the rafters, and the fact that this was an end of the year celebration, my excitement was extremely high.

The sights and sounds were amazing. My highlights of the show was seeing Bill Walton dancing to the music, and watching Hamza El Din and his musicians during the drums/space interlude was a spiritual experience I'll never forget.

It seemed like this show would never end, lasting over three hours, by far the longest show I had ever been to. I was hooked and have been a deadhead ever since."[11]

"The guy who's floor I was crashing on told me he had an extra ticket for the next night at Winterland and a ticket on a commuter flight up to San Francisco. I was sorely tempted, but I'd driven to LA with a really tight buddy from Tucson and I would have stranded him in LA and he was sick also. So I'd have felt REAL guilty if I went. I also needed to get back to Tucson for some prior commitments, so I thanked him but said, no, I couldn't make it. So he calls me at home in Tucson on Jan 2nd and tells me the story of the Winterland show. And, by the way, the commuter flight he went up on was him, the Dead, and a few Dead crew members. He was sitting with Kreutzman!"[12]

11/25/79 Grateful Dead
I:Jack Straw;Tennessee Jed;Me And My Uncle>Big River;Loser;New Minglewood Blues;Easy To Love You;Althea;Lost Sailor>Saint Of Circumstance>Deal
II:Shakedown Street>Bertha;Looks Like Rain;He's Gone>The Other One>Drums>Space>Truckin'>Stella Blue>Good Lovin'
Encore:Johnny B. Goode

Jerry plays the guitar Tiger.

6/29/80 Grateful Dead
I:Alabama Getaway>The Promised Land;Loser;New Minglewood Blues;Althea;Looks Like Rain;Easy To Love You ;Big Railroad Blues>Lost Sailor>Saint Of Circumstance>Deal
II:Feel Like A Stranger;Don't Ease Me In;Estimated Prophet>Scarlet Begonias>Fire On The Mountain>Drums>The Other One>Black Peter >Sugar Magnolia
Encore:U.S. Blues

Bil Walton sits in on Drums. Lee Oskar on harmonica for Drums>The Other One>Black Peter>Sugar Magnolia.
"I was in before the doors opened that night and smoked out with him for the first time. He invited me backstage, but didn't trust leaving my married girl friend with my best friend. Ludes and green pyramids lead to unexpected events as I found our later that night.
Vicki gave me a BJ during Drumz, and I didn't find out until after the show that my buddy got the same during Other One and she always referred to the band as the "Grateful Head" after that night."[13]

2/21/82 Grateful Dead
I:Shakedown Street>New Minglewood Blues;Friend Of The Devil;Me And My Uncle >Big River;Bird Song;Little Red Rooster;Bertha>Man Smart (Woman Smarter)
II:China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider>Estimated Prophet>Eyes Of The World>Drums>Space>Not Fade Away>Stella Blue>Sugar Magnolia
Encore:Brokedown Palace

Promoter Avalon Attractions, OFAP and Bill Graham Presents.
John Belushi backstage.
"I remember joining a big spirit circle of deadheads on the lawn right before they opened the doors. There was long wait inside the pavilion for the show to start, but they were playing cool tunes and there were a bunch of beach balls and big balloons bouncing around the crowd....and then the show was incredible! The band was on fire, trippin' with the crowd I'm pretty sure, and it was one of those times when the crowd and the band were totally in sync."[15]

"The thing that stood out for me about this one (other than pal John dancing around on shrooms) was Stella Blue, normally the quiet song, was so loud that it was literally shaking the rafters. At the end, Jerry punched a triumphant fist in the air, obviously very proud of a well played show."[14]

4/16/93 Jerry Garcia Band
I: How Sweet It Is, Stop That Train, Let It Rock, Dear Prudence, Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox, My Sisters And Brothers, Deal
II: Shining Star, Waiting For A Miracle, Struggling Man, Money Honey, Wonderful World, Don't Let Go, That Lucky Old Sun, Midnight Moonlight

Promoter Bill Graham,/Avalon/CFPA Presents.

4/17/93 Jerry Garcia Band
I: Cats Under The Stars, And It Stoned Me, Run For The Roses, Simple Twist Of Fate, Tore Up Over You, Lay Down Sally, My Sisters And Brothers, Everybody Needs Somebody
II: The Way You Do The Things You Do, The Maker, Mission In The Rain, Think, Waiting For A Miracle, Tangled Up In Blue

Promoter Bill Graham,/Avalon/CFPA Presents.


Pauley Pavilion (U.C.L.A.), Los Angeles, CA
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  1. When the Grateful Dead and NRPS played Pauley Pavilion in 1971, only a small portion of the arena was used. The attendance was about 2000.

    There was nearly an earlier Garcia appearance here, as an Acid Test was scheduled for Pauley. At the last second, it was canceled and moved (I think the University figured out what it was). I forget the exact date, but it was February/March 1966.

    I'm pretty sure that Pauley Ballroom at UC Berkeley was actually named after Edwin Pauley's son, who donated the money himself.

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