Monday, October 22, 2012

Homer's Warehouse, 79 Homer Avenue, Palo Alto, CA

"It was an old industrial warehouse, built near the railroad, probably out of use for years before it was taken over as a music venue. It was on Homer Lane (a continuation of Homer Lane that runs near professorville, but on the other side of the tracks, the east side of the tracks - thus the name "Homer's Warehouse". I remember seeing Sons of Champlin play there. I played there with a band once or twice myself." (1)

"Will you please help me out here... what was Homer Warehouse? I used to go to a warehouse for music... I think near Town and Country Shopping Center and the tracks... where my 'boyfriend' of the time played. Geeze, I can't remember the time frame, but since I moved to France in 1970, it must have been in the late 60's. "(2)

This is where the Palo Alto Clinic is now. (3)

Andrew Bernstein was like a younger brother to the GD folks during their time in Palo Alto in the early 60's, took banjo lessons from Garcia and all that. He also ran Homer’s Warehouse during the early 70's, and he is writing a book that includes a chapter on the venue.(5)

Jerry performed here on
3/4/73 Old And In The Way
5/4/73 Merl Saunders
5/5/73 Merl Saunders
5/18/73 Old And In The Way
7/24/73 Old And In The Way
10/3/73 Old And In The Way(6)

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  2. I have a bunch of original old Homer's Warehouse handbills, including some with Jerry Garcia. Leave a message if you'd like pics.

  3. Yes, I'm interested. Please email me at

  4. This is Bill Giussi AKA Homer. I built and owned Homer's Warehouse and closed it about 1972. Now living in the Santa Cruz area. My collection is with me. Posters and tapes of the music. Its quite a story.. I also built and owned "The Red Lion Pub" in Palo Alto as well.

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