Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Suzy Wood's parents lot behind the main house, Debbie Lane, Belmont, CA

After Boar's Head gatherings, Suzy Wood, Carlmont High Class of 1960, often hosted parties at her parent's large, lovely home on Debbie Lane, on a hill above the College of Notre Dame in nearby Belmont. "The way the house was setup, there was an extra lot behind the house, sort of secluded by fences and bushes, and we go hang out back there and pass hats and collect change and somebody would go off and buy gallons of wine, Wood says."That was a place that summer where there was a lot of partying, for as long as anybody could stand to lie around drinking wine. I don't remember Jerry being into drinking particularly."
"My father was very intrigued by him", she continues. "Even though Jerry was a dropout, because of the kind of intelligence and charm and insight that he had, he always seemed more like a leader than a bad guy. My Dad thought he was a wonderful person but he'd say, "Why doesn't he do something with his life?"(1)

"Yeah, we would play at the Boar’s Head and then, afterwards there would, of course, be a “cast party.” It’d be over at somebody’s house; you’d go over there, everybody’d bring their instruments and we’d play all night and just fool around and all that kind of stuff..."(2)

Jerry played here in

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2.)^Nelson, David, KBOO Community Radio, Interview With David Nelson

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