Monday, October 8, 2012

Lodge, Lompico, CA

The community of Lompico was founded in 1927. The community consisted mostly of cabin homes for summer residents.
With the 1960's came the hippies and also came the community's two most famous residents. Jerry Garcia and Janis Joplin. Jerry's grandparents lived here, and he was a common visitor. Janis once inhabited an old lodge on the Islandia property.

It's unknown which lodge this event took place at.

Jerry performed here in
Late 1950's Daniel & Tiff Garcia
"Near the summer house at a lodge in "Lompico" in the wooded part of Northern Santa Cruz County; Daniel, Jerry & Tiff (Jerry's brother) play. They play some Wilbur Harrison tunes up on the lodge dance floor. Jerry & Daniel on guitar and Tiff thinks he was beating on a cymbal & a box by ear and copying records. On other occasions it would be the "Garcia Brothers" with Jerry & Daniel on guitar & Tiff on bass sometimes.(1)

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran the following headline: "Jerry Garcia's finger rests in county folklore." When Garcia was 4 years old and staying with his grandparents in Lompico, his brother accidentally chopped off most of Jerry's right middle finger with an ax. A few months later his father was swept away by a river in Northern California.(2)

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2.)^ O'Sullivan Art, Metro Santa Cruz, 2005-08-3-10,

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