Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jerry's Mom's vacation house, Austin Creek, Cazadero, CA

Exact address in unknown.

Up on "Austin Creek" is the vacation home Jerry's Mom bought in Cazadero, CA.

Jerry rehearsed here in
Winter 1958  Daniel Garcia
"Up on "Austin Creek", (about 60 miles north of San Francisco), near the "Russian River" town of Cazadero; Daniel & Jerry played guitar for hours in the family room of the vacation home Jerry's mom bought.(2)

"Tiff Garcia, Jerry's brother, said that the house was "rustic but modern". "It had a nice big living room, a lot of windows; it was in a really pretty area."(1)

Cousin Daniel Garcia recalls, "We used to go up to Cazadero and sit in the family room and smoke Bull Durham cigarettes and play our guitars for hours. Hours and hours until my fingers literally bled. We'd play Chuck Berry, Bill Haley, everything".(1)

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