Saturday, September 24, 2011

Campbell Hall, University Of California, 574 Mesa Rd., Santa Barbara, CA

Capacity 860

Campbell Hall is the university's largest lecture hall.
Campbell Hall is located off Mesa Road across from Cheadle Hall, UCSB’s main administration building.  It was originally designed as a lecture and recital hall. The building houses a standard proscenium stage and seating plan -- not the theater in the round one would expect from its exterior appearance. The seating capacity is 860 on a single level with good sight lines and excellent natural acoustics.

42 feet at proscenium
Full Stage:
26 feet at center
24 feet 6 inches at wing
All teasers and borders trimmed at approximately 17 feet (dead hung). There is no fly loft.

In 1959, UCSB Professor Douwe Stuurman hosted the English writer Aldous Huxley as the university's first visiting professor.[2] Huxley delivered a lectures series called "The Human Situation".[3]

Jerry performed here on
2/5/77 Early and late shows Jerry Garcia Band

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