Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Devore Field, Southwestern University, 900 Otay Lakes Rd., Chula Vista, CA

The venue was a small dusty college athletics field with low bleachers on the side. Just a low stage and the PA gear.

The "On The Border" t-shirts being hawked had a skeleton Pancho Villa with six-shooters.

Jerry performed here on
9/15/85 Grateful Dead
"Sunday was sunny and warm and the "Twilight Zone" sound check could be heard from Shakedown Street."(5)
The grass was cush, the scene was relaxed, the venue was cool, the vibe was casual, and the band played under the sun. (1)
Was there on sunny 84 degree day. Show started at 1 pm. We sat on the ten yd line of this
5,000 seat stadium and the Dead were on the goal line. I swear they served beer there. The best experience I ever had at a show, outdoors(2)
"Bill Graham in attendance on stage."(3)
"The place was relatively empty, the grass on the field was like the cushiest carpet ever, the scene was totally cool. Think cop cars playing Hendrix tunes over their car PA kind of cool. I mean it just had a vibe that I never really saw again. The show itself was pulled out of the sky for the last night of that tour, and I really think they worked it for all it was worth."(4)

 Jerry performed here on
8/2/92 Jerry Garcia Band

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