Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cape Cod Coliseum, White's Path off Route 6, South Yarmouth, MA

Broke ground 1971. Built in 1972.
Referred to as the "air-conditioned" Cape Cod Coliseum, it was basically a large concrete cube with a stage- hotter than the surface of the sun- but it wasn't until a show was over and the A/C had a chance to catch up that it would actually rain in there from all of the sweat from the crowd condensing on the ceiling.
In 1974 it was up for sale because its main tenant, the Cape Cod Cubs of the North American Hockey League, have not attracted large enough crowds. The Cape Cod Corp., owner of the Coliseum, said the asking price is $7.5 million. It languished on the market for two years and its owner faced bankruptcy until an agreement was reached in January 1976 to reduce the rent paid by the Cape Cod Cubs.
The building eventually became a distribution center for Christmas Tree Shops and was expanded to three times its original size in the early 1990s. After Christmas Tree Shops departed for a larger building in Middleboro, the former Coliseum was used by Dennis East International, a wholesaler to gift shops, and Mid Cape Home Centers.

In 1979, Vince McMahon of World Wrestling Federation fame bought the Cape Cod Coliseum and operated it.
In the early 1990s, it was expanded upon to three times it's size and became the warehouse for Nantucket Distributing.
As of March 2007, it serves as the warehouse for several businesses.

Seating capacity was 5000.

It's gone.

Jerry performed here
6/18/82 Jerry Garcia Band
10/27/79 Grateful Dead
10/28/79 Grateful Dead
5/28/83 Jerry Garcia Band



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  2. JGB played here 5/28/83 as well. Billboard reported the capacity that date as 7,181. Here are the data for that date.

    ! ref: Billboard, June 18, 1983, p. 48. 5,144 tickets sold on 7,181 capacity (no sellout), tickets $11.50, gross $59,829.