Monday, September 26, 2011

Community Center, 32 Belvedere Ave., Stinson Beach, CA

Capacity 200

With its grand stone fireplace, lofted wood-beamed ceiling,  the Community Center is located in Stinson Beach, California, a small coastal village only twenty miles north of San Francisco. The community is nestled between the Pacific shore and the foot of Mt. Tamalpais.(1)
Our airy, spacious 2,000-square-foot 60' x 35' assembly hall can comfortably seat between 150-200 guests.
For more than 40 years our Community Center has hosted an array of events: weddings and receptions, seminars and conferences, musical and theatrical productions, gallery shows, workshops, classes, and lectures. A short walk from the beach and businesses, the property also features a charming chapel that seats 140 people.

McNally's bio also tells the story. 'Early in March they were rehearsing at the Stinson Beach Community Center when an old friend, photographer Bob Seidemann, stopped by with Pigpen. He had asked Bob for a ride so that he could have his picture taken with the band. In Seidemann's view, 'They coldly put him down, turned him away. They pecked him.' As far as the others knew, they all expected him to recover... They didn't want to be distracted, and Pig went on home.(2)

Jerry performed here
9/30/73  OAITW
1972 Grateful Dead rehearsal

2.)^ lightintoashes,

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