Sunday, September 25, 2011

Le Club Front, 20 Front St., San Rafael, CA

It was ca. August 1977 that they started there and, yes, in connection with Cats Under the Stars.
Club Front was funded by Garcia's solo record contract with Arista Records. The Neve console he installed was used for subsequent Grateful Dead albums - and transported to Radio
City Music Hall for Reckoning.

John Cippolina, with Rocky Sullivan, recorded here on September 6, 1979. He also recorded here with the Heart Of Gold Band in 1979.(4)

Jerry rehearsed and recorded here in
3/70 Steve Miller (Front Street Studios)
1/7/76 James Booker  John Kahn  Ron Tutt
1/25/76 Jerry Garcia Band
"We had this trip where we'd call ourselves the Front Street Sheiks and we'd play dumb piano jazz and stuff like that. We did some recording down at the rehearsal place [what evolved into the Dead's studio] right after they got their 24-track. We'd be down there every night of the week playing these old songs like "All The Things You Are," and "Night In Tunisia, " things like that. Keith and Donna were always together, so Donna sang with us too."(6)

August and November 1977 Jerry Garcia Band (Cats Under The Stars)(3)
7/31/78-8/18/78 Grateful Dead (Shakedown Street)(2)
July 1979-January 1980 Grateful Dead (Go To Heaven)
1979 Apocalypse Now
1/14/81 Melvin Seals (rehearsal)
1/15/81 Melvin Seals (rehearsal)
1/16/81 Melvin Seals (rehearsal)
12/7/81 Jerry Garcia Band (Run For The Roses)
September to December 1981 Jerry Garcia Band (Run For The Roses)(3)
6/87 Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan
10/89 Warren Zevon (Transverse City)
1989 Grateful Dead (Built To Last)
12/89 Relix' Steve Peters (interviewer)(5)
1990 Jerry Garcia Band (Jerry Garcia Band)
1990? David Nelson, Sandy Rothman John Kahn (Levis commercial)
2/91 Ken Nordine (Devout Catalyst)
12/23/91 edie Brickell  Rob Wasserman
2/10/93 Grateful Dead (Days Between rehearsal)
2/18/93 Grateful Dead (Lazy River Road rehearsal)
2/94 Rob Wasserman (trios)
5/95 Sanjay Mishra (Blue Incantation) (Jerry's last studio collaboration)
1995 Second Sight (Second Sight's Rosetta Rock and Dangerous Dream)
7/95 Bruce Hornsby (Hothouse released 7/18/95)
The album's closing track, "Cruise Control," is the last Hornsby song on which Jerry Garcia played guitar; at a concert he performed in Buffalo, New York, in August 2008 on the anniversary of Garcia's death, Hornsby said Garcia had wanted to play on "Country Doctor", but was given an easier tune to play because of his poor health.


2.)^Dark Star Palace, 2010-04-29,
6.)^Kahn, John, Golden Road, Winter 1987


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